Hiking Apps for mobile

People never thought of using their phones as a hiking device. With the app for hiking phone can save the valuable information for their hike and these kind of apps also serve as a trail GPS. Whether you are new to hiking or you are a seasoned trailblazer, finding the trek which best suits you can take a serious planning for that. There are many hiking trail apps which can make it easy to conquer the mountains and you can explore the incredible outdoors. It is very simple to use as it just needs to get download, plan and then hit the trail.


The GPS can receive the person position updates from the GPS satellites, even people can make it as a useful tool when they are not in mobile network area. It is very common to get a spotty network coverage in the great hiking areas, so look for the best hiking trail apps which are useful without cell phone coverage, which help to download maps in advance or storing an information on your phone. Now a days you can find inbuilt electronic compass for additional guidance in your phone.

My Trails App is one of the best app for looking out new trails and get connected with other hikers. With the help of this you can search the nearby hiking routes which is on your GPS location, and the app also provides you timely tips, which includes crowd-sourced photos of the scenic spots and a detailed warnings about trail hurdles ahead. This is also one of the running, supercharged hiking and exercise app. App also helps you to track your workout through an information related to pace, distance, duration, and an insights on calories burned. People can also connect the app with their wearable devices and through that they can easily get connect with their friends and can participate in challenges to stay motivated. It can provide you the detailed information which includes trail difficulty rankings and an insights on a nearby lodgings or camping area. Once you have chosen your route, you can create your own to-do list and you can take the information offline, Track my walk not only tracks your hikes, but also it uses a built-in GPS to display your location, and that can be sent out in the case of any emergency.

The trekking app will also allow you to download many useful things as check your GPS location, offline terrain maps and an access real-time statistics during hike, such as speed, time and the distance travelled. With the help of an app you can also able to create and record personalized routes and you can share the trails with your friends.

Walking Map App helps you map out many hiking trails in your favourite outdoor areas, and you can then customize and store the routes for offline use. The main advantage of GPS Tracks is that apart from the walk you to your door navigation, you can also colour code the overlapping routes to ignore the confusion. It can also identify each trail’s latitude and longitude and also monitor an average hiking speed and distance travelled.