About Me

About Me:         

I am an Alma College graduate with the class of 2012.  During my studies at Alma College I focused my attention on Elementary Education as well as Social Studies and Language Arts.  I was born and raised in Manistee, a small town along the coast of Lake Michigan.  I have always enjoyed working with children and am very excited to venture out into the world of education.   


Classroom Managment:

Philosophical Approach:

These days a large part of being a productive teacher depends on how well behavior issues are addressed and resolved within the classroom.  I will provide my students with a safe, comfortable, and productive environment that will promote learning for all.  I hope to instill in my students a sense of community, caring, responsibility, and respect.  Finally I hope to provide my students with a desire to continue acquiring knowledge.  These goals will be achieved through good classroom management. 

General Classroom Control:

         Classroom Rules:

  1. Teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn.
  2. No bullying.
  3. Do not talk when others are talking.
  4. Follow directions the first time given.
  5. Be respectful.

Consequences (Behavior Changes):

  1. Verbal/visual warning.
  2. Loss of privileges (i.e. recess time).
  3. After repeated offenses parent contact is made.
  4. In school conference with parents and student.
  5. Make behavior plan specific to student’s problem behavior with parents and student.

If classroom rules are broken the above steps will be followed to correct the behavior. 

Classroom Management, Organization and Expectations:

         Management and Organization:

  1. Student planners
  2. Homework folders
  3. Weekly newsletters
  4. Scheduled conferences
  5. Conferences as needed

Expectations of the Teacher:

  1. Provide a safe environment where all children can learn.
  2. Convey knowledge to move students to the next level.
  3. Assess each child to show growth.
  4. Help each child to grow in their confidence to learn.

Expectations of the Students

  1. Come prepared to learn.
  2. Be safe and respectful around others.
  3. Listen to adult direction.
  4. Do your best!

Procedures and Routines:

         Morning Routine:

  1. Unpack backpacks and hang up coats in designated areas.
  2. Make lunch choice.
  3. Turn in notes and homework.
  4. Begin morning warm up.

Exiting Procedure:

  1. Check planners.
  2. Put homework in homework folders.
  3. Clean up floor and desks.
  4. Load backpacks and get coats on.
  5. Stand by desk and wait for dismissal.

Belief About Classroom Discipline for…

         Minor Disruptions: 

  1. Verbal or visual warning.

         On-going Discipline Issues:

  1. Loss of privileges.
  2. In school conferencing with parents.
  3. Write behavior plan.

Aggressive and Violent Behavior:

  1. Immediate removal from the classroom.
  2. Parent contact.
  3. Behavior plan set up with student, parent, teacher, and principal.