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Welcome to Grade 4!

Assignments to complete for the week of May 4th

Religion - This week read 1-2 pages each day in Family Life...please write in your thoughts or answer questions wherever is appropriate.

Language Arts - Research the mission that is in your folder.  You may use the resources I sent home OR you may use Google for your research.  Take notes about your mission that you are researching to use for the poster.

Math - Skittles Math Packet.....complete by Friday.  Use 1 bag of skittles for this week and 1 bag for next week.....don't eat the skittles until the packet is complete. :)

Quarantine Packet - There is a quarantine packet in your folder for next week.....please start on it this week as your morning stretch...1 page a day is perfect!

Continue to use freckle as you wish.;)

Science - Mr. L has science assignments on his website.

Have a wonderful week!!!  Miss you al!!!