Vedic Astrology - Auspicious Time Period for Buying a Car


In a Horoscope, Fourth residence is called Vahana Sthana(Placement of vehicle). Venus is the earth of Enjoyment, Deluxe, so normally Venus ends up being the karaka (significator) for the Lorry. Mars represents the structural facet of the Vehicle as Mars would stand for metal, design, maker etc. The feature of the vehicle or an Automobile is to transport individuals, or transportation. Transportation is the use of the vehicle. Mercury is the world connected with transport, short distance travel, Communication etc. so Mercury likewise needs to be thought about while getting or marketing an automobile.


Benefic facet on the fourth house, 4th lord, or Venus would be very useful for the acquisition of a cars and truck when the desirable primary dasa or sub dasa is running, and even by a good world Transitsblog over the fourth home. The association of the benefic planet could be by element or combination.


Please see to it these earths remain in straight motion during the time you are buying a car. That is the 4th lord, Venus and also Mercury. If those planets are afflicted, the architectural and the useful element of the automobile would certainly be seriously impacted in the future. The Ascendant at the time of getting the automobile is also very important to take into consideration. It must be devoid of afflictions as well. Who takes advantage of a sale whether the vendor or the buyer etc can likewise be seen from the positioning of these worlds involved at the time of Purchase.


For an excellent outcome, please see to it the Venus, Mercury and your fourth lord in the horoscope are well put!


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