Pondicherry with its present name Puducherry was ruled by Colonial powers like Dutch, English, Portuguese and French. In remembrance of the French Rule in this Union Territory, there is still an area called French Colony Pondicherry. Read on to learn more about this place and how it attracts tourists from different world destinations.

History of Pondicherry:

Pondicherry is a picturesque tiny town on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. This union territory holds the pride of being the final French Colony in India. In fact, when it became a part of India in 1954, the citizens were given a choice. The choice was that they can take either French Citizenship or Indian Citizenship. Still, some French Citizens live in Pondicherry by retaining their French Citizenship.The uniqueness of the French Colonies in Pondicherry will make you feel that you are in France and not in India. The reason is that residences in this area still resemble houses in France. Even, this white town continues to have a strong French Influence with the names of some streets still retaining their French names. Also, many Tamilians living in this part of Pondicherry speak French with fluency.Even though the French Colony in Pondicherry occupies just 10% of the entire union territory, it still holds a special place in the minds of tourists. The reason is the uniqueness of the buildings that stand in this region of Puducherry. Most houses in this region are painted in yellow.

What Is Special About the French Colony?

With 200 years of French influence, the quaint charming town of Pondicherry French Colony is popular for its mesmerizing beaches and delectable food. When you land in this colony, you will get a feel as if you are in Montpellier or Bordeaux. This area of Puducherry is referred to as the French Quarter. Most buildings and structures in this region were constructed during the French Rule in the Indian subcontinent.

What Is The Ideal Time To Visit Puducherry?

The Union Territory has a warm temperature. So, the average temperature ranges around 28.30C. Even, you can visit during the winter season to the French Colony in Pondicherry. The reason is that it receives less rainfall as compared to many other places of attraction in India. Even, if you visit in October, you will experience the heat. However, you will experience cold winds this month. The ideal time to visit is between October and March.

What Will Impress You A Lot in Pondicherry?

When you visit French Quarter Pondicherry, the white foam-like clouds will refresh your mind. You will see that they float just parallel to the sea.  The deep blue sea will invite you to take a deep swim if you are a swimming enthusiast. In short, the scintillating view will stay in your thoughts for eternity. Of course, you will take some captivating pictures to cherish the moment after some years.


The French Colony has many places to explore. So, it is better that you rent a bike to cover all these places if you visit as a couple or as a small family with one or two kids. The reason is that the auto-rickshaws charge high here.