Cover Belum Caves On A Two-Day Trip Itinerary From Bangalore To Gandikota

Are you planning for a trip from Bangalore to Gandikota? Can you spend two days in Gandikota? Then, here is an itinerary that will help you cover Belum Caves as well. You might have gathered complete details about the Bangalore to Gandikota route. But, do you know the distance between Gandikota and Belum Caves? It is located at a distance of just 62 km. It means that it will take less than two hours to reach these caves from Gandikota. Rather, our trip itinerary here suggests you first travel from Bangalore to Belum Caves and then to Gandikota.

Two-Day Trip Itinerary:
● On the first day of your trip, start early from Bangalore. The distance to Belum Caves from Bangalore is around 300 km. So, it will take around 5 to 6 hours to reach the caves. So, if you can reach the caves by around 11.30 am, you can spend around an hour in these caves.

● From Belum Caves you can start around 12.30 or 1 pm and can reach Gandikota by around 2 to 2.30 pm. It will take less than two hours to reach Gandikota from Belum Caves as mentioned earlier.

● After reaching Gandikota, you should reach your resort that you can book early online these days. Check-in and take some rest. Then, you can enquire about the places to explore near your resort to spend your evening.

● The next morning, you can wake up late. Then, you can visit the most popular Gandikota Fort. You can spend around two hours in the Fort. However, it depends on your interest. If you are more interested in the place, you can spend more time gathering information. Otherwise, you can leave this place quickly.

● Then, you can start from Gandikota to Bangalore and can reach home before night. The shortlist route you can take is NH44. It will take around five to six hours to travel from Gandikota to Bangalore.

What Are The Places To Cover in and Around Gandikota?
We have shared a two-day itinerary during your Bangalore to Gandikota Drive. But, let us consider that you can spend one more day in Gandikota. What are the places of interest you can cover in this case? Let us find out here:

Owk Reservoir:
From Belum Caves, at around 12 km distance lies the Owk Village. It is the home of a huge lake named Owk reservoir. It is an artificial reservoir. The reservoir was formed by feeding water from earthen dams and canals. This reservoir is located next to the road. So, you can consider a halt here to take some stunning pictures. This place is worth only for some clicks and nothing more interesting though. You can also spend some time sitting with your partner here.

Yaganti Temple:
This Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located around 45 km from Belum. The temple is the home of three caves and a small pond of freshwater called pushkarini. It is believed that the water to the pond comes from a hill but the source is not visible.

So, if you could spend one more day in Gandikota, you can consider visiting these two places.