My Classroom Website




Hello Students, Parents, and Guardians!

My name is Miss Walsh and I would like to welcome you to me 2nd grade classroom!  I wanted to start out by saying how excited I am to meet all of you and I cannot wait to work with you and learn more about all of you.  I cannot express how thrilled I am to get this school year started and to have all of these wonderful students in my class.  This is our classroom website where you can find all the information you will need for what will be going on in our classroom.  It will include all of my information, a daily classroom schedule, school supply list, student star of the week, class list and birthdays, classroom rules, homework policy, behvavior plans, and upcoming special events.  A "welcome" letter will be coming in the mail shortly and it will provide you with a sufficient amount of information to get you ready for the first couple weeks of school.  All other information will be found on this website.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me!



School Phone: 1-708-687-6533