The students will be given a weekly planning sheet that they will fill in with all of their homework for that week.   They will do this on a day to day basis.  I will put my initials on each day once they have filled it in so that I know each student has copied down all of the homework and has done so correctly.  I also ask that they bring this sheet home to you and have you sign it so I know that you have seen the homework for the night.  I will also post the homework on this website just in case the sheet gets lost or you just need a reminder.  I will make sure each student has their homework done before we go over it.  The students will be graded on completion of their homework, not correctness.  We will go over it the next day in class to find out if/where the students made their mistakes. These are the dates the homework will be assigned.  The homework is due the next day unless noted otherwise.  The student will recieve a sticker for each day they have their homework completed.  If the student has turned in all of their homework for the whole week (and behavior permitting), they will get to pick from the treasure box on Friday.


Week 1 August 16th- August 20th

There will be no homework this week.

Week 2 August 23rd-August 27th

Monday : Math worksheet – patterns

 Letter of the day – A: Write Upper case and Lower case 10x

Tuesday: Science Worksheet, Reptiles

Wednesday: Math worksheet, Patterns cont.

Thursday: Spelling Worksheet

Friday: None