Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Dear Principal Bird,

I want to share with you my class behavioral plans for the upcoming school year.  


The way discipline will work in our classroom is if a student does not follow one of our classroom rules, he or she will first get 2 verbal warnings.  Each student has their name on a stick.  At the beginning of the day the students stick will start in the green pocket. On the second verbal warning the student will have to move the stick with their name on it to yellow.  This entices no other consequence.  If the problem continues then the student will have to move their stick to red and they will receive a five minute time out in our designated time out area.  If the problem STILL continues once the student has returned then that student will proceed to move their stick to black.  This will result in the student being removed from class and sent to the principal’s office.  Also, we will send a note home and make a phone call explaining what happened and some possible solutions to correct this problem.  If this problem is still continuing after all of these steps then I will set up a meeting with the parent or guardian and we will discuss a behavior plan.  These are explained on the next tab. 

The students will have a chance to redeem themselves by moving their stick back to green.  The way they do this is if myself, another teacher, or administrative personel see the student something nice for someone else without being asked.  This is to encourage the good things the students do. 

At the end of each day the students who still have their stick on green will get a token and the option to trade in their token and pick from the small treasure box or save up their tokens to get to pick from the big treasure box at the end of the week.  The only way a student can choose from the big treasure box is if they have 5 tokens.  A token and be traded for a pick from the small treasure box at the end of each day


** Severe Clause - There are certain cases that warrant more serious consequenses.  Students who engaging in physical or threatening altercations will skip yellow and red and move straight to black.  The parent will be called immediately and the student or students will be removed from the classroom.


Thank you for your time,

Miss Walsh