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About Me/ My Philosophy of teaching

  Teaching have been a true passion of mines. I can remeber when I was a child I use to play school with my friends in my parents living room. I am so pleased and honor to have the ability to live out my dream. I gradute from GCU and I have a Bacheloer degree in special educastion elementary. This is my first year teaching second grade and I can not wait to introduce the fun filled learning activities for the school year.

I strongly believe, as  an educator my mission is to foster thedevelopment and enhancement osf all children without bais and/ or prejudice. Creating a learning environment where children feel safe and confident is another vital element in my philosphy. I Set specific and clear expectations for my students. I beleieve setting high expectation for students is a great way to moviate students to exceed expectations. I beleieve teachers should create a studented centered learning environment to farther engage scholars in their lesson. 

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