leonardo da vinci

Facts about his paintings·      Leonardo was famous for the way he had used light in his portraits…)·      Leonardo sketched the firsthelicopter,riffle,swinging brige, paddle boat, an the first motor car…)·      Leonardosfirst solo painting completed in ,1478, was modonna child…)·      He drew plans of the ever first amored car in 1485…)·      He was one of the most popular artist of the reisanance(a period when the arts and scientist flourished…)·      He alsi in vented the bycycle 300 years before it was on the road…( that’s amazing!)J·      Leonardo also changed the way peole painted an sculpted…)·      He wrote  most of his notes using moirring writing, some belived that this ideas was a secret…)Facts about his life…)·      He began his career as an apprentice to flourtine artist andrea del vinci·      Leonardo was raised by a single father·      Leonardo was an archetitect,musican, engineer,scientist,and lastly an inventor·      Leonardo did all those thigns cause he wanted to be ! of the listed careers he didn’t know  which one he wanted to do so he did all of them an he turned out to  have a wounderful life at that( that’s great he did that  much he lived his life)·      Leonardos nationality is Italian·      Leonardois considerd by many as the fatherof modern science…)·      He was an intelligent child of piero frusino di Antonio da vinci,,,,)·      He was Florentine notary and cartenia, an a peasany…)Birth and death…) I.        Leonardo da vinci was born april 15,1452 in a small town of of vinci in Tuscany ( toscana) near flourence and he died an he died may 2,1519  

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci