Writing Homework


Unit 1-Due February 19th

Standout 3 Textbook Page 22-G On a seperate piece of paper, write a paragraph about your goal using correct paragraph formatting.

Unit 1 continued-Due February 26th

Design a weekly schedule.  On your schedule, write in the days and times you have English class and the days and times you will study English.  Please see the schedule below as a sample.













Unit 2-Due March 5th

Standout 3 Textbook Page 52 H.  Write a paragraph on how to do somthing. You can use the following choices below: 1) How to paint your nails. 2) How to change a tire. 3) How to make a bed. 4) How to start a car. 5) How to change the oil in your car. 6) How to study English. 7) How to prepare to run a marathon. 8) How to kick a soccer ball.  9) How to make coffee. 10) How to make tea.

Unit 3-Due March 12th

Standout 3 pages 98 B and 99 C