7th Grade Math


Week 2:

Students should login to Khan Academy. Their assigments should pop right up.

    Note: Please check your student view or parent view to see if you already have a 100% on this assignment. If so, you did not need to complete these assignments, even though they appear on your screen to complete. There was a glitch in the system and I couldn't bring up the original assignments.

  • Rates with Fractions
  • Proportional Relationships: Graphs
  • Proportional relationships
  • Interpreting graphs of proportional relationships

Week 4:

Your homework in these sections should pop right up when you login. In case you need them written down, however, here you go:

  • Radius and diameter
  • Triangle side length rules
  • Interpreting graphs of proportional relationships

Week 5:

  • Solving proportions
  • Writing proportions
  • Proportion word problems
  • Name angles
  • Identifying supp, comp, and vert angles
  • Comp and supp angles (visual)

Week 6

  • Proportional relationships: graphs
  • Proportional relationships
  • Proportion word problems
  • Identify supplementary, complementary and vertical angles
  • Complementary and supplementary angles (no visual)
  • Vertical angles
  • Finding missing angles

Week 7:


Week 8

  • Addition & subtraction: find the missing value
  • Adding and subtracting negative fractions
  • Interpreting negative number statements
  • Negative number addition and  subtraction: word problems
  • Negative signs in fractions
  • Ordering negative number expression