Mrs. Trotter's 4th Grade

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This year in 4th grade we are trading classes with Mrs. Blair and Ms. Bossa.  I will be teaching ELA, which includes reading and language arts, as well as math.  I will also be teaching Social Studies to all 3 classes.  My homeroom students will have Mrs. Blair for word study and Ms. Bossa for science.


Social Studies:  We are currently working on maps and globes skills before we start studying our United States regions.




In computer lab we've done "Wacky Web Tales."  Here is a link to the website so that your child can do it at home.  It is a GREAT practice for parts of speech, and they are pretty fun too :)



Important Dates





Assignment/Behavior Policy


Assignment policy

When an assignment is assigned, it is due the next day unless the teacher says otherwise.  During the first of every class, assignments will be collected.  Those students not turning in the night’s assignment will automatically lose a letter and spend their recess working on the late assignment. 


Redo/missing work policy

Any student having an assignment with a grade below 60% will have an opportunity to redo it.  The procedure will be the following:

Redo papers will be sent home in their folders every week.

The student will be responsible for collecting the correct books for the assignment.  If there are any questions at all, there will be time for them to ask the teacher.

Redo work will be regarded.  The original grade and the new grade will be averaged together for the final grade.


Consequences of late/missing work

Check marks on their behavior chart.

Loss of recess

If problem continues, possibility of working in the office

Parents will be notified

If assignments are continually late, and then are not corrected, low grades will result


Behavior Policy

In our classes, we love to reinforce positive behavior.  However, negative behavior will also have consequences.  Our consequences for negative behavior are as follows:

 1st check-mark=5 laps

 2nd check-mark=walk all of recess

3rd check-mark=Misconduct report sent home for parents to sign. 

If a student gets 3 or more checks for the entire week, they will miss out on our "Fun Friday."

Each student will get a fresh start every day.  Progress of each week’s behavior will be sent home in their folder.




Each child in fourth grade should have an agenda.  This will be used every day to write down assignments.  If your child has completed an assignment, the small diamond to the left of the subject will be filled in.  If the assignment is not completed, it will be highlighted.  This should indicate to you that there is homework to be done and returned the following day.

We are using a “ticket” system in which we will give each child a ticket every day that you initial their agenda. 

Please make sure your child is bringing their agenda back daily.  This will ensure us that you are aware of your child’s assignments, and will be another way to communicate with one another.  Thank you for your help!