Every student will have weekly homework assignments that will be stapled in their agenda book for the week starting today. The agenda book will be kept in the left hand side of their folder. Every week we will also have certain words that will be “words of week” that we will focus on for sight word recognition, which will be written or stapled into their agenda folder as well. For your convenience, I will be including the homework assignments for the entire week. I understand that some nights are busier than others, and therefore, if it would be easier on you, you and your son/daughter may complete more or less assignments on any given day, as long as all assignments are all returned on Friday. 

Homework for the week of August 27-31 (Group B)

   Words of the Week (repeated reinforcement)

1)      am

2)      I


Monday: On a piece of paper have your child write or copy the sentence starter “I am a __________________.” Have the child complete the sentence and draw a picture. For example: I am a girl. OR I am a funny person. You may either spell out orally the words for the child to write on their paper or you may write the word down on a separate sheet of paper and have the child copy it onto their paper.


Tuesday: Complete the attached math worksheet and color.


Wednesday: Take the flashcards that you made last week of the words of the week and practice saying the words.


Thursday: Complete the following letter recognition sheet.