Behavior Plan

 In class we have foam sticker pads with each of the student’s names on it. Each student must earn a specific amount of stickers on their sticker pad by the end of the week in order to get a reward on Friday. Rewards range from computer time, stickers, toys from the treasure chest, ect…. At the end of the week students may take their stickers home from their sticker chart as well. We also have in the classroom, frogs that have each of the students’ names on it. If a child breaks one of the classroom rules after they have been warned several times not to, the student must move their frog to the “lose 10 minutes of recess” column. If the student continues to break the rules, after several warnings, the student must move their name to the “lose all of recess” column. 

Daily Tracking Form

 Each student will be given a folder with a Daily Tracking Form inside it. This form will document the students behavior each day. Please review this form every day, and sign in the far right hand corner for the corresponding day of week.