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The Green Card is a permanent residence card that gives an individual the various benefits, rights, and privileges of being a resident of the United States. Many companies sell green cards. When you Buy Residence Permit Online, you need to make sure it's genuine and not fake. Fake green cards are easy to find at a glance. So how do you check your green card? These simple guidelines will help identify fake green cards.



Wrong Digit Included-The green card may have the wrong number of digits, which means it is false. A green card requires 13 letters consisting of 3 letters followed by ten numbers.

This card contains a reference to INS, but it will be issued after the agency no longer exists. The INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) was part of the 2003 National Security Document. If issued after 2004, there is no reference to INS.

The name of the institution issuing the card is misspelled. If there is an error in the DHS name, it is invalid and false.

There is an inconsistency inside the card. Green cards with these internal inconsistencies are considered invalid.

The first line of code at the bottom front of the card contains the foreign card number.

The second line of code contains the cardholder's date of birth in the format YY/MM/DD and the card's expiration date in the same size.

Therefore, before Buy Fake And Real Resident Permit, be sure to make sure it is genuine. If not, please notify the authorities and decline.

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