It's Summer Time!



                    Math Practice
inch worm
Practice Math Facts
Keep practicing until your child is able to complete in 2 minutes with no more than 2 errors.
Timed math fact practice
die   Counting Money
Counting Coins Practice:  good luck finding the right coins needed to make the dollar amount given.St
The One Dollar Store:Choose enough of the quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies to make up the exact price of a toy.
Change Maker:Determine how many of each denomination you need to make the exact change.  Good and clear pictures!

school boy

 die   Hooda Math

this site has many math games kids love to play for hours!  The good news is they will be practicing math skills at the same time!


dieThe Math Games

Students can practice math skills while playing a game.  Parents can pick activities that focus on a specific skill!


                Reading Practice

dancing books

bookmarkPrintable Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions


Many reading activities for all reading levels from basic phonics to comprehension and fluency activities

bookmarkWord Builder

kids spin the wheel to create real words.

bookmarkHow many sounds are in the word? 

Match the word with the number of sounds that are in the word.


 bookmarkKnowledge Adventure 

Many phonics and word games to choose from at all skill levels.


bookmarkPrintable Reading Games

print reading games to play with your kids!