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Teacher resources

Proffesional Resources

  1. This website is very well done. it is easy to navigate and the links within the site are very specific. It is alaso very useful becuase it not only gives national standardsbut also each specific state standards. This is an important website for P.E. teachers because it is the national association.
  2. The national soccer coach association of amaerica is very important for anyone who wants to be a soccer coach. The links are very easy to follow, and the website is updated daily. This is becuase there is constantly things happening in soccer that can be told.
  3. This website has everything a P.E. teacher could need. It has lessons and even adaptive P.E. lessons.  It has easy links to follow which makes scanning the page simple and easy. This also has areas that help people lok for jobs, which is a very good thing to have on a site for teachers.



Class surveys excell:

WebQuest (physical education make over) (coach for a day) (Fall sports)

Word Processing

Traveling abroad: Create travel brochure about somewhere outside of America. Find things of physical activity that could be done in this counrty while you visit.

Newspaper: Create newspaper on either what is going on in proffesional sports, or about ways to workout outside of the gym.

Web Page: Create a web page about different gym class games, or about workout materials..information about wieghts and machines.




Get 2 Months for $5!