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How does multiplication work?

Multiplication strategies video

Rags to Riches

Strategies for Multiplication video

TEST YOURSELF!! Multiplication


Division Matching

Match the multiplication sentence to a related division sentence

Under the Sea (+, -, x)

Quick Flash
A way to practice times tables.

Math Magician

Times Table

Multiplication Facts Matching
This tool allows you to practice multiplying numbers.

Robot Calculator

Math Baseball

Speed Grid - Subtraction Level 1

Speed Grid - Subtraction Level 2

Speed Grid - Subtraction Level 3

Mystery Picture : Subtract 2-digit Numbers

Two Digit Addition

Two Digit Subtraction

Powerlines - Challenge!!

Bowling Subtraction

Sum Sense - Single Addition Fun

Sum Sense - Single Subraction Fun

Speed Grid - Subtraction

Power Lines - Are You Up for a Challenge???

Count Hoot’s Subtraction Page

Bowling Subtraction

Paintbrush Math (Funschool page)
Has advertisements.

Count Hoot’s Subtraction Page

Number Pyramid (3 levels)


Problem Solving

You can try some online/interactive sites:

Hints on Solving the Puzzles from Enchanted Learning:

  • Instead of simply crossing out a space in the table for an impossibility, put the number of the clue that gave you that information. This makes it easier to check your work if there’s a problem.
  • A clue like, “Ann was not born in March,” yields one piece of information about Ann.
  • A clue like, “Amy was born after Deb,” yields one piece of information about Amy and one piece of information about Deb.

More instructions can be found at:

Number Concepts

Base Ten Blocks

Base Blocks

Mystery picture Math number sense.

Cookie Dough

Type the number that matches the written name. Has advertisements.


Estimation Flashcards

Skip Counting

Space Hopscotch - Skip Counting
Spooky Sequences - skip count by 2 backwards!
Skip Counting Game (review)
Spooky Sequences - skip count by 5 backwards!

Spooky Sequences - skip count by 10 backwards!

Skip counting

Adventure Sequences - skip counting

Place Value

Base Ten Blocks Worksheet (made by Miss Mondor)

Place Value Video

Place Value to Thousands Game

Place Value - Getting Started

Place Value Number Line - a challenge

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Number Values - practise using <, > & =

Guess The Number Game - greater than, less than

Math Under the Sea - Comparing & Ordering

Forest Ordering - ordering numbers


Round About
Sea Shell Rounding

Rounding Practice

rounding song!

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Rounding Practise (tens)

Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Hundred

Rounding Practise (hundreds)


Ordinal Numbers


Naming Fractions

Math Under the Sea (fractions)

Fractions - Part of a Whole

Fractions - Visualizing

Who wants Pizza (fractions)