This month is all about practicing counting money and telling time! Quiz me at home with the extra change in your pocket,











or before we leave for school on the analog clock! 

(Remember: The little hand is the boss and says "SAY  MY NAME FIRST!" Then we count by 5's all the way around the clock with the big hand!










We are working hard on our measurement unit in math! We have learned that there are all sorts of ways to measure things:








-degrees F

We have also learned a super fun way to remember the number of cups, pints, and quarts we use! 



As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns!



This month we will be talking about measurement. What types of things can we use to measure objects? In class, we came up with the following things:

*measuring cup (liquids)

*ruler (solid)

*yard stick (solid)

*measuring tape (solid) When working at home, experiment with different measurement tools.


Help make a cake at home and measure out the ingredients! Remember to bring Miss Snowden a piece to try! :)

Key Vocabulary words(we will continue to work with shapes and fractions as the year draws to an end):

Polygon: a closed figure shape with straight edges

Congruent: two figures that are the same shape and same size

Line of symmetry: a line the cuts a shape in half so that both sides are exactly equal

Face: the flat, 2D part of a 3D shape

Edge: the place where two faces meet

Vertices: corners

We will also be working on identifying 2D and 3D shapes, quiz your student at home about their knowledge of each of the shapes below!



Here is a helpful rhyme to help you practice regrouping with your student at home!

More on top?

No need to stop.

More on the floor?

Go next door,

Get 10 more. 


To add (OR SUBTRACT) 2 digit numbers here are our steps:

1- Draw a dotted line down the middle.

2-Start at the ones place and add or subtract from top to bottom.Ask yourself, do I need to borrow? Do I need to carry over a ten?

3-Move to the tens place and add or subtract from top to bottom.



PLEASE CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOUR CHILD ON THEIR BASIC FACTS: Knowing and memorizing these facts is vital to their success the rest of the year!

Counting up and back is a great strategy to use when figuring out our addition and subtraction facts. To count up, we just have to remember to grab the bigger number and count up!

For example: 8 + 3 = ?

We grab the 8, since it is the bigger number, then count up 3 times: 9, 10, 11

So: 8 + 3 = 11


One way that we can help ourselves memorize our facts faster is through nightly flash cards. We often use these flash cards in our center time with a partner. We are getting really good at it!