Language Arts

This week, we will be reviewing some important people in African-American history, inventors!

What invention do we have today that you could not live without?:


Story of the Week: African-American Inventors

This week's spelling words are:

Pattern: -or, -ore, -oar                                                            

*more                   *tore

*wore                   *store

*oar                      *roar

*board                  *port

*north                  *fort

This week's word wall words are:




We are still reviewing these word wall words:

*girl             *into            *always         *got               *music          *please           *because          *great               *change        *before

*apple          *best             *little             *won't         *under           *that              *right               *she                 *when          *large

*black           *bug             *nice              *don't          *up                 *what           *might              *every             *through       *toward

*first             *stop            *will              *unite           *friend           *caught        *night               *week              *should         *across

*did             *them           *those            *about          *grow             *beautiful     *like                 *different           *great           *auto

*child           *then            *shoe              *catch         *author            *saw              *auto             *own                    *show          *ahoy

*annoy         *enjoy           *join                *shout        *own               *pound            *amaze         *among              *another          *comma

*knight         *write          *gnat                *numb        *they'll              *keep             *budge           *strange           *jar                  *far

*peer            *fear



Vocabulary- African-American Inventors

**Ask your student to show you the hand motions for our vocabulary words!


*invented: to make a new thing that was not there before

*design: to plan how to make something

*products: things made by people or machines

*instrument: a tool that has a special purpose

*powerful: very strong

*allowed: to let something happen