Academic Success

First grade can be a big transition for some students,

please know that am here to help support both your student and you in their academic success.


Students will be graded in 5 subject areas, English Language Arts, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. All these areas have standards that must be taught and assessed. Please look at for all first-grade standard information.  I will also, post the current standards we are working on in the classroom on this website.  


Students will either be graded with Does Not Meets, In Progress, Meets, or Exceeds. See following link for more information regarding grading policy.


  1. Guided Reading

Students will have a guided reading book that they need to read every night Monday thru Thursday. Reading logs should be signed nightly. Student should bring book to class with them every day, as they will be used during reading group. If students do not bring reading book home, then they should free read for 20 minutes. We will also be working on Raz-Kids in the classroom.

  1. Sight Words

Please practice sight words nightly. There will be a word list that goes home Monday, and students will be assessed on Friday over those works. They must be able to say that word with in 3 seconds of showing it to them.

  1. Math

First grade math is based on Eureka. It is a unique way to look at math, and teaches students strategies to solve problems, not just route memorization. This means homework practice is very important. Also, utilize as a great math resource.

  1. Spelling Words

Monday students will get 10-12 spelling words. These words are to help support sounds letters or groups of letters make. Students will take a spelling test on Friday as their assessment, please practice spelling these words nightly with your students.

Extra Support

There are many websites I will add throughout the year to help support students. I will be available for homework help or clarification every morning during student’s arrival. Homework should be an extension of what students have worked on during the class day, if your student is struggling with their homework please let me.