Rules, Rewards, and Consequences

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise hand for permission to speak
  3. Raise hand for permission to leave you
  4. Make smart choices

Classroom Rewards

Daily Rewards

Students who moved up on the clip chart or earned two or more dojo points, will be allowed 5 free minutes at the end of the day.

Weekly Rewards

Students who earned 10 or more dojo points and students that got to Awesome day 3 out of 5 days of the week, will be allowed to go to the treasure box on Friday.

Classroom Consequences

  1. A nonverbal warning
  2. A verbal redirection of the correction.
  3. Student asked to go to calm down chair and choose a calm down method.
  4. Student will have to move clip down, read clam down strategy on clip chart, and let teacher know when ready to rejoin activity (Rules 1-3).

For rule #4 student will use the guided-choice method. This will allow the student to help come up with an alternative choice that is more appropriate then the choice they are making. The student will then be asked to fill out a reflection sheet.