Mrs. Johnson's Class

Announcements: IOWA Aptitude Screening - May 24

                             End of Grade Tests - May 18 - 20 (We need proctors...please email me if you can help proctor.)

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 Week of May 10 - 14

-Math Lessons:

                              Monday: EOG Review

                             Tuesday: EOG Review 

                             Wednesday:  EOG Review

                             Thursday:  EOG Review

                             Friday:  EOG Review

-Homework Assignments

                             Monday: EOG Workbook p. 13-16

                             Tuesday:  EOG Workbook Objective 2.01

                             Wednesday: EOG Workbook Objective 4.04

                             Thursday:  EOG Workbook Objective 4.05

                             Friday : study for EOGs (study guide, formula sheet, EOG workbook)


Online Problems/Activities

-Pi and Rational Numbers Lesson

     Pi is a nonrepeating, nonterminating decimal.  What is the first 20 numbers of pi?  Mathematicians have used many methods to determine the value of pi.  Archimedes thought that pi was an amount between 3 1/7 and 3 10/71.  What are the values of each fraction written as a decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth.  Was Archimedes correct?  The Egyptian, Rhind Papyrus, stated that pi was equal to 256/81.  Write this fraction as a decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth.  Who was closer to the actual value of pi?

-Pi Day

Pi Day is on March 14 every year.  Write a song, poem, or story about pi to share with the class.

Family Activities

Building houses with side views 

-Go the webpage to complete an interactive activity about three dimensional views.  Choose building houses with side views activity.  Build each three dimensional figure using the top, front, and right view on the internet.  Print out your score to receive credit.  Your score should be at least a 70.


    With a family member, find four three dimensional solids around the house.  Measure the dimensions of each object and record the measurements on a sheet of paper.  Calculate the volume of each 3D solids using the appropriate formula on the sheet of paper.  Order the objects from least to greastest using their volume.  Be sure to show your work. 


Please email me your responses. 

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