AP/DC U.S. History Final Project

1. Choose an issue that falls in the time period of 2002-2018.  You will work in groups of 2.

2. Visual Component-this can be a poster, power point, 3D model, etc.

3. Verbal Component-5 minute presentation to the class.

4. You must objectively present all sides of the issue and stick to facts on it.  Your audience should not know which side of the issue you agree with.

5. We will work on this in class 5/14/18-5/18/18 and you will present them around final exams 5/21/18-5/25/18.


You will be graded on your knowledge (don't simply read off your visual) and staying objective while presenting all sides of your issue.  Your visual will be graded based on how you integrate it into your verbal presentation.


Please choose your partner and topic carefully.  Make sure you and your partner will work well together as some of this will have to be done outside of class.  When you choose your topic, please be sure that you can objectively present all sides of it, even those you might disagree with.