Semester II Research Paper & Book Review Topics

Semester II Topics

Research paper & Book Review


  1. Reconstruction-Wartime, Presidential, and Congressional (1863-1877)
  2. Conquest & Empire in the West-Indian Removal & the Reservation System
  3. Forced assimilation of Indians, Dawes Act, Indian Resistance
  4. Gold Fever and the Mining West
  5. Land Fever-Homesteaders, Speculators, Ranchers, Cowboys, Tenants, Sharecroppers, Migrants, Commercial Farming and Industrial Cowboys
  6. Gilded Age (1865-1900): Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, New Inventions, J.P. Morgan, Women’s Activism, Corruption in Politics (political machines etc), Economic Issues, Bimetallism, Rise of the City, Workers Organize (Unions)
  7. Populism
  8. Labor Wars-The Homestead Lockout, The Cripple Creek Miners’ Strike of 1894, Eugene V. Debs and the Pullman Strike
  9. American Imperialism-Spanish-American War, Open Door Policy, Hawaii
  10. Progressive Era
  11. World War I
  12. The Roaring Twenties
  13. The Great Depression
  14. The New Deal
  15. World War II
  16. The Cold War-Containment, Domino Theory
  17. The Fair Deal-Truman
  18. The Korean War
  19. Civil Rights
  20. Cold War-End of
  21. Space Race
  22. Post World War II American Society
  23. 1960-1974-Native American Protest, Latino Struggle for Justice Student Rebellion, Counterculture
  24. Feminism
  25. The Great Society
  26. The Vietnam War
  27. President Nixon-Watergate
  28. Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement
  29. Iran-Contra Scandal
  30. Iran Hostage Crisis
  31. Globalization (1990s)
  32. 9/11, War on Terror
  33. The Obama Presidency
  34. Affordable Care Act
  35. Election of 2016


These are not the only topics, but suggestions that cover the time period that 1302 covers.  Any topic from 1863-2017 will work.  Check with me to get your topic approved.  Remember that your book for your book review must be on the same topic as your research paper.