U.S. History Final Project

1. Choose a current event that falls in the time period of 2002-2018.

2. For this current event, give the following:

     a. Basic Elements: What happyened?  Where?  Who is involved?  Why is this important?  What impact does it have on people?  What groups are most affected and why?

     b. Visual Element:  This can be a power point, poster, 3D model, booklet etc.  Use maps, charts, graphs, and pictures.

     c. Point of Persuasian:  Take a stance on your issue-how should it be handled in the United States?  Why?  Provide at least 10 facts to support your stance.

     d. Cartoon:  Create a cartoon to support your point of persuasian.

3.  You will present your work to the class, showing your visual, giving a factual overview of your topic and telling your point of persuasian and the ten facts that support it.

4.  We will work on this in class, 5/11/18-5/18/18.  They will be presented around semester exams during the week of 5/21/18-5/25/18.