What does tutoring cost?

Our individual tutoring package rates start at $25 per hour. We provide quality, individualized teaching with study skills, organization, and time management integral to each session. Free assessments are available in K-12 reading, writing and math, by request.

Payment can be made bycash, check. or credit card.

Rate Chart

How long is a tutoring session?
Sessions are 1 hour unless a shorter or longer duration is desired. The recommended duration and frequency of sessions may be greater if your child needs to catch up on assignments, improve study habits, or fit tutoring into a brief period of time.

How long will my child need a tutor?
First, we conduct a consultation to determine the student's current abilities, challenges, and goals. Once these goals are met, you may wish to set new goals and continue with an updated tutoring plan.

The time required to reach individual goals varies for each student. At any time, you may request progress reports from your tutor. 

Do I have to pay registration fees?
No. There are no registration fees. . Occasionally, the tutor may recommend optional supplies that may benefit your child.

During what hours does tutoring take place?

By appointment:
Every weekday ................................... 7:30 - 8:30pm
Weekends ................................... 8:00am - 12pm
How do we start?
Get matched with a tutor by filling out our Request-a-Tutor form or, for quicker service, just send us an e-mail using the link below.