TutorEye INC.

TutorEye is an online tutoring platform that provides education services primarily in two categories number one homework help where it provides students help to find solutions to the problems with complete explanations. And secondly, live sessions. In this, the student request an online class with the teacher where the student can draw, write or upload his concern on the whiteboard that is attached in the conversation. The platform provides 10-minute free trial to the students on their sign up to get an idea of what they will be taught and how the online learning works. It is a trial for the students to get comfortable with digital learning equipment like whiteboard so that once they start learning they do not waste their time in the confusion about its working. It also provides an insight into the quality of tutoring leaving students an open-ended question whether to take an online class or not. The trials are available on all subjects as per student's demand. With online tutoring, the students can empower themselves to be on another side of the table where they can choose the subject, teacher and time of their choice for UpGRADED Learning experience.