***I have a special math font on my computer, so you will have to make these changes to the Skills Review Worksheet.

Question 4 -  This should be a blank clock with numbers-students will have to draw the hands.

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Skills Review Worksheet


Lessons 63 – 67




1.  Ellie has 24 M & Ms, and she is holding 1/4  of them in her hand.  The rest of her M & Ms are still in the bag.




a.  How many M & Ms are in Ellie’s hand?  _________________


b.  What fraction of the M & Ms are in the bag?  __________


c.  How many M & Ms are still in the bag?  _______________




2.  Sarah likes Skittles.  Her dad bought her a bag that contained 6 green, 5 orange, 4 yellow, and 7 red Skittles.




a.  Sarah reaches into the bag without looking.  What is the probability that she will get an orange Skittle? 


__________ chances out of __________ chances


b.  What color will Sarah least likely pull out of the bag?  _____________________________________________________


c.  Which color will Sarah most likely pull out of the bag?




d.  Explain how you know this.  ______________________________






3.  One snack size pack of Skittles contains 9 candies.  Four of the nine Skittles are red.  Which of the following represents the portion of the Skittles that are not red?




                          4/9           5/9          9/9         9/5






4.  Language begins at half past eleven.




a.  Set the clock to show this time.


          draw clock


b.  What is another  way to say this time?








5.  There are 947 students at Berwick High School.




a.  Write this number using number words.




b.   Write this number in expanded form.




c.  Write this number in digit and value.






6.  Mrs. Smith has 23 students in her first grade class.  Mrs. Louviere has 7 less students than Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Louviere has __________ students in her class.




7.  Altogether, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Louviere have __________ students.




8.  Mrs. Taylor has 3 tables in her first grade classroom.  There are 5 boys and 2 girls sitting at each of the tables.


a.  How many students does Mrs. Taylor have in her class?  _____________________________________________________


b.  She has __________ boys and __________ girls.


9.  Mrs. Vaughn’s fifth grade P. E. class has been acquiring points for Fuel Up to Play 60 for the month of March.  They need a total of 200 points to meet their goal.




a.  The first two weeks, they had 116 points, the last two weeks they need __________ points.


b.  Write the equation that helped you figure out how many points the fifth graders needed during the last two weeks.






10.  Mrs. Booth treated her 18 second graders to a cookie and juice.  She bought 2 dozen cookies and 5 quarts of juice.




a.  Each child received one cookie, and there were __________ cookies left over.


b.  Each child received one cup of juice, and there were __________ cups of juice left over.




11.  Mrs. Busbice has been teaching for 30 years.  Mrs. Comeaux has been teaching 19 years, and Mrs. Kelly has been teaching 13 years.


That is a sum of __________ years.




12.  Complete the following.  Label all numbers.




         8,015 sheets               6,566 cans         2,472 cups


      + 1,984 sheets            - 3,980 cans        -   933 cups






13.  Cameron drew a rectangle.  One side is 5 inches long.  The other side is 8 inches long.  If a snail walked all the way around the outside edge (perimeter) of the rectangle, how far did the snail travel?  _____________________________________________________


14.  Mr. Russo walked each day in the month of February.  Complete the graph to show the distances Mr. Russo walked during the month of February.




                                   Mr. Russo’s Walking Log




                 First Week……………………………………………..15 miles


                 Second Week…………………………………………23 miles


                 Third Week……………………………………………22 miles


                 Fourth Week………………………………………….18 miles



































Weeks in February




a.  Did Mr. Russo walk the same distance each week?  _____________________________________________________


b.  How many miles did Mr. Russo walk in the third week?  _____________________________________________________


c.  In what week(s) did Mr. Russo walk more than 20 miles? 




d.  Between which two weeks was there an increase in the distance Mr. Russo walked?


_________________________ and ________________________