*Please make sure your student comes prepared with paper and a pencil every day!*

Afternoon tutoring is offered on Thursdays until 5:00 PM in Miss Walden's room (323). If your student is struggling with any concept or needs to make up missing assignments, this is the perfect opportunity! smiley

May 21-25
Monday: Mythbusters
Tuesday: Reveal final grades, do extra credit assignments if necessary/make up missing work (last chance)
Wednesday: Another look at tesselations (How does color, or the lack of, enhance geometrical patterns?)
Thursday: Complete yesterday's assignment

May 14-18
Monday: Continue working on My Math Yearbook- due 5/17!
Tuesday: Math Yearbook
Wednesday: Math Yearbook
Thursday: Math Yearbook due today!!
Friday: Yearbook day; catch up on missing work

May 7-11
Monday: Checkbook Integers (formative grade)
Tuesday: Checkbook Integers
Wednesday: Begin "Math Yearbook" project (summative grade)
Thursday: Continue working on Math Yearbook
Friday: Pause Math Yearbook project (sub in classroom), Common Percent Table and Order of Operations worksheet; students may work on extra credit packet once finished with classwork

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: We have one more extra credit opportunity this year! I have printed off packets for students to complete to replace their lowest summative grade. If interested, please see me as soon as possible so it is completed before the due date. This packet will be due by the end of the day on Monday, May 14. It will be graded for accuracy, so do your best! :)

April 30-May 4
Monday: Finish "Design Your Initials" Project--Due at the end of class! Summative grade
Tuesday: More practice with graphing using an Angry Birds character given at random.
Wednesday: Angry Birds graphing activity
Thursday: Angry Birds graphing activity (due today! Formative grade)
Friday: Catch up on any missing work; extra credit assignments to boost grade

We have 4 more weeks until summer! As we work hard until the very last day, students are expected to complete all work and keep behavior at an all time high. I am still grading the extra credit work done over Spring Break but it will be reflected in the Term 4 Report Card at the end of the year.

April 23-27
Monday: Tangrams reflection; Begin Sudoku
Tuesday: Sudoku
Wednesday: Wrap up Sudoku
Thursday: Introduce "initials project"
Friday: Continue working on initials project

Click here to learn how to play sudoku.
Click here to play sudoku online. Difficulty level is located to the left.

April 16-20
Monday: CRCT: Science; complete tesselations & create own math games with 2-3 partners
Tuesday: CRCT: Social Studies; Math BINGO
Wednesday: Introduce tangrams; Video 1. Video 2.
Thursday: Tangrams competition
Friday: Complete Tangrams competition

Click here to explore a website devoted to Tesselations
Click here for an interactive website to make your own Tesselation
Click here for step-by-step directions on how to make one using a few simple utensils.
Click here for tangrams interactive website used in class Wednesday. Another interactive website.

April 9-13
Monday: Create a test with 25 multiple choice questions (5 must be word problems).
Tuesday: Exchange tests with two people and take his or her test to assess knowledge going into CRCTs.
Wednesday: CRCT: Reading; Introduce Tesselations
Thursday: CRCT: English/Language Arts; Begin creating tesselation
Friday: CRCT: Math; Continue creating tesselation (easy summative grade!)

March 26-30
Monday: CRCT Practice Test 1-60; discuss which concepts students still struggle with to review this week
Tuesday: Review for CRCT (Numbers & Operations)

Wednesday: Review for CRCT (Algebra), worked in Coach Book, lessons 17, 18, & 19
Thursday: Review for CRCT (Geometry)
                   Click here for the review of transformations used in class today
                   Click here for the worksheet we completed on the Smart Board.
Friday: CRCT Review game

As you know, it's that time of year again--CRCTs are right around the corner! It's very important that students attend every single school day through the CRCT so that they get the review they need. This week is crucial in hitting all of the standards again so that no questions catch them off guard. There is ONE more tutoring day to review for CRCT and that is this Thursday after school until 5 PM. Visit my webpage every once in a while this week to see all of the links and practice sites that I post. Also, please have your child study over Spring Break. I know it's painful but very beneficial. Thanks!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY!!! To be completed over Spring Break!!!! To review for CRCT, I have created a small study guide for students to use that hits every standard and element (shown below). This will replace their lowest summative grade for the 4th term (i.e. the Data Test) and that test also replaced the Box & Whisker Quiz (B&WQ). To earn both of these goodies--easy 100--all you must complete are the "Now You Try" sections for each element. Start by clicking on one of the sections below and going through each standard to complete the problems. Turn in your work no later than Tuesday, April 10. All sections must be completed (Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, & Data) to receive credit. There are no more than 6 questions per element, so it isn't extremely difficult. Good luck and ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK! smileyyes

Ms. Lemon's classes are also invited to do this opportunity for the same credit!

Help for the following standards broken down by element and examples, practice problems.
Number & Operations
Algebra practice
Geometry practice
Data & Probability practice

^Extra Credit Opp has been disabled due to deadline. If you still have questions about the practice packets, ask me during Homeroom.

March 19-23
Monday: Review Box & Whisker plots, introduce Scatter Plots, Coach book pgs 203-204 1-10
Tuesday: Continue working with Scatter Plots, textbook pgs 568-570 1-23 *graded for accuracy, formative grade*
Wednesday: Short review of box & whisker plots, scatter plots, complete what was not finished of pgs 568-570 1-23
Thursday: Review for test; CLICK HERE for PowerPoint used in class for review
Friday: Test over box & whisker plots; scatter plots; mean, median, mode, and range

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Click on one of the following links to practice your knowledge with Box & Whisker Plots or Scatter Plots (unfortunately the website only allows you to do either one without becoming a member). In order to receive extra credit on Friday's test, you must receive at least an 18/20 on the practice problems and PRINT YOUR PRACTICE SUMMARY for me to see. Due no later than Monday, March 26th.

Box & Whisker Plot Practice for Extra Credit
Scatter Plot Practice for Extra Credit

Click here for Scatter Plot explanation with pictures of graphs you may see.
Click here for extra practice with Scatter Plots (some questions are challenging!)
Click here for an interactive site that will allow you to input your own ordered pairs to create a scatter plot.

March 12-16
Monday: Test corrections, Lessons 26 & 27 in the Coach Book *formative grade 3rd nine weeks*
Tuesday: Mean, Median, Mode, Range review worksheet *formative grade 4th nine weeks*
Wednesday: Begin Box & Whisker plots
Thursday: Continue with box & whisker plots; practice
Friday: Review weeks lessons, quiz

M7D1. Students will pose questions, collect data, represent and analyze the data, and interpret results.

a. Formulate questions and collect data from a census of at least 30 objects and from samples of varying sizes.

b. Construct frequency distributions.

c. Analyze data using measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode), including recognition of outliers.

d. Analyze data with respect to measures of variation (range, quartiles, interquartile range).

f. Analyze data using appropriate graphs, including pictographs, histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, and line plots introduced earlier, and using box and- whisker plots and scatter plots.


Click here for step by step instruction on creating Box and Whisker plots; very informative.

Click here for the video we watched in class Wednesday on Box and Whisker plots (some classes saw, some did not)
Click here for the worksheets we used to practice in class on Thursday (pgs 12 & 13)


March 5-8
Monday: "3D Shapes" test
Tuesday: Math Benchmark Assessment
Wednesday and Thursday: Introduction to Constructions

M7G1. Students will construct plane figures that meet given conditions.
a. Perform basic constructions using both compass and straight edge, and appropriate technology. Constructions should include copying a segment; copying an angle; bisecting a segment; bisecting an angle; constructing perpendicular lines, including the perpendicular bisector of a line segment; and constructing a line parallel to a given line through a point not on the line.
b. Recognize that many constructions are based on the creation of congruent triangles.

Click here for the step by step construction examples used in class on 3/7.
Click here for extra practice identifying bisectors of angles and line segments.
Click here for an interactive website to experiment with basic constructions. (Look to the left of the page and click on the different colored boxes next to "Lines" and "Circles")

February 27-March 2
This week students are being introduced to three-dimensional shapes and cross sections of those shapes. We will experiment with cross sections using Play-Doh. We are working on the following standard:

M7G4. Students will further develop their understanding of three-dimensional figures.
a. Describe three-dimensional figures formed by translations and rotations of plane figures through space.
b. Sketch, model, and describe cross-sections of cones, cylinders, pyramids, and prisms.

Click here for the PowerPoint used in class on February 28 (Tues) to explain three-dimensional shapes as well as how they're formed.
Click here for an additional PowerPoint if you're still struggling with classifying plane and solid figures (very helpful with definitions and pictures).