KeyTrain At-Home

KeyTrain is an individualized computer program geared at assisting students in mastering specific reading and math skills.  Working on the program at home (in addition to the time we utilize in the lab at school) will not only improve his/her/your grade in reading, it will also will have the long term benefits of increasing skills that will help them in all classes.  Additionally, studies have shown that students who participate in the KeyTrain/WorkKeys program improve their performance on the PSAE as well as the ACT by 5-8 points!  Our goal is for students to complete the Reading for Information program on KeyTrain and reach a level 5 or better!  There are only seven (7) levels!

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Run KeyTrain On-line
  3. Log-in the same way as one would at school - Pe+id number for the username, Birth Year + Birth Month + Birth Day for the Password.  Example - PE613*** (username log-in) and 19940214 (password)
  4. Once in the program, have your child click on “My Assignments” to continue where he/she left off at school!  Remember, students must redo the lessons and quizzes that scored below an 80%!  Do not go to another level until the current level was mastered (all assignments and final 80% or better)!

You can also track student progress on KeyTrain by clicking My Reports on the log-in home page, then clicking Topic Detail Report! Laughing