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   Hello and welcome to the home page of Texas Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa in El Paso, Texas.  Alpha Delta Kappa is an International Honorary Organization  for Women Educators.  Alpha Delta Kappa has a long history since its inception in 1947 and has become  an outstanding International organization with over 40,000 members.

Alpha Delta Kappa  has over 1,400 chapters located in the:  

United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada.

    The purposes of Alpha Delta Kappa include: give recognition to women educators who are actively engaged in teaching or administration; promote high standards in education; build fraternal fellowship; contribute to world understanding with other fellow educators; and to promote charitable and educational activities and projects, and  to sponsor scholarships. 

   Please visit the ADK International Website for more information on the history, membership requirements, purposes, benefits, altruism, chapter locations, states, provinces and nations.  Don't forget to click on the link to visit International Headquarters located in Kansas City Missouri. 


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Our Website was created in May  2009 in honour of our 50th Anniversary! 

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