Columbus Day(Holiday):

Parents, Monday, October 12, 2015 will be a holiday for Students, Teachers, and Staff this will be for all Coffee County School All school will Resume Tuesday, October 13, 2015.




More Upcoming Events:


These are some activities for the rest of the school year they will start after the tardy bell and end at the dismissal bell.

5-9 EOQA
12 Free  Day
13 Cake Day
14 Movie Day
15 Reading Day
16 Hunted House- (Wear holloween costums and there will be a hunted house for students to walk through)
19 Technology Day
20 Ice Cream party/Free Day
21 Music Day
22 Free Day
23 Game Day
26  Movie/Technology/Sweets Day
27-29 Field Day
30 Last day of School Party/Technology Day


*We would like for everyone to be able to participate.  However behavior needs to be acceptable. Students that can not participate can be sent to ISS for that Day. Students can participate if the have be wrote up or suspended  previously in the year. Students can be wrote up during these activities for inappropriate behavior,  abuse of their freedom, or treating materials incorrectly.  Then the student will have at least two days of ISS depending on their action.


***For the week of The Georgia Milestones we wills till have these activities. However they will start after the Testing is Done.




Report Cards:

Parents on Friday, October 30th 2015 we will give out Last Report Cards to Students the Cards should say your child has been Promoted, Placed or Retained in 8th Grade.




8th Grade Teachers

(Hope your child has an Wonderful Year in High School)


Last Day Of School Friday October 30:

Parents & Guardians, Ms. Slacks and I have had an Wonderful year with your child we hope they have an Awesome year in the High School We dont want a Child Left Behind of you or your child have a question about anything Please dont hesitate to Call or email us here at the school...




Ms. Kaylee Slacks

Dr. Tyius Alexander

(Your 8th Grade Math Teachers)!


Field Day:

Team 8th Grade Field day is Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Our class color this year is Red. Please make sure your child's shirt money is turned in the cost is $25.00 if your child don't have a shirt Please make sure they wear a Red Shirt.. Ms. Slacks and I dosen't want a Child to feel left out..




Tyius Alexander

Kaylee Slacks


Ga Milestone Test:

Parents, The Ga Milestone test is Oct. 19 - 23rd. The test will be over everything we went over this entire year. PLEASE!!! make sure your child sleeps good and have had a good Breakfast...




Team 8th Grade


Review for the Ga Milestone:

Parents, after the Assessements we are going to review for the Ga Milestone Test Oct. 13-16th so, please make sure the kids are READY!!!


End Of Quarter Assessement:

Parents, Coffee County Middle School will have the Assessements October 5th - 9th The Math Assessements will be on the 6th of October.


"Please Check File Manager Page for the Study Guide for the Test"




After School Reminder:

Parents, After School Tutoring will begin in November. so, if your child is failing a class please make sure they attend this Tutoring After School Tuesdays and Wednesday After School.



Unit 1 Test:

Parents, the Unit One Test over The Pythorean Thereom has been moved to Monday, September 28, 2015 so, make sure your child STUDY!!! for this test...




Dr. Alexander & Ms. Slacks


Homecoming Week:

Parents, Coffee Middle school will be participating in Dress up week because, of Homecoming here are the dates and What to wear on them dates below..


This week is Homecoming week so, Coffee High and Coffee Middle have decided

to Participate In the Dress up dates listed below.


Monday - Crazy Hat Day

Tuesday - Tacky Tourists

Wednesday - Walt Disney

Thursday - Decade Day

(Throwback Thursday)

Friday - Spirit Day

              Coffee Vs. Macon


Atlata, Ga Trip to The Cooking School Of Fancy Arts:

Parents, Ms. Slacks and Dr. Alexander's class will be going on a Trip to the Cooking School of Fancy Arts in Atlanta, Ga this Monday and Tuesday if anyone needs us please email us... we will have our Cells with us.


Ms. Kaylee Slacks -

Dr. Tyius Alexander -


Supplies Needed

  1. Snacks
  2. Blanket
  3. Aprons (For The Contests)
  4. Change Of Clothes



Dr. Tyius Alexander and Ms. Kaylee Slacks


Pythagorean Thereom Quiz:

Parents and Students we will have a quiz over the Pythogrean Therom Friday, September 18, 2015. It will let Ms. Slacks and I know how well you know it REMEMBER!! this will be your first quiz grade in the grade book so, STUDY!!! STUDY!!


Football Scrimmage:

Parents and Students, we will have our first Football Scrimmage game Friday, September 25, 2015.





Welcome to Dr. Alexander's Class 8th Grade Mathematics. I hope we will have a wonderful year we are going to get ready for the 9th grade and go on to the HIGH SCHOOL!!... Dr. Alexander and Ms. Slacks will be your teachers this yr. if you have any questions about anything this yr please don't hesitate to email or talk to us before or after class...



Dr. Tyius Alexander

Ms. Kaylee Slacks