Learning Technologies

Technology in the Classroom


The technological world today is changing at a rapid pace. It seems just as we are able to understand a new piece of technology something new comes out and we have to start all over again. I am a strong believer in giving my students every opportunity to learn and engage using different forms of technology. Students nowadays are using technology away from school more and more whether it be cell phones, iPods, PS3 iPads, Kindle Readers, laptop computers, etc. and this fact is beginning to effect the classrooms as well. Students need the classroom to be a place where they can come and feel engaged in the content or activities of the class. The best way to keep students engaged is to relate the work inside the classroom to the outside world and prove to them that what they are learning will in fact benefit them in the future.

Many of my assignments will present students with opportunities to show their skills using multiple types of media. For example, students creating a project may use a video, PowerPoint, newspaper article, and/or many of forms to present their material. These opportunities will get the students who may not get as much learning out of simple essays out of the funk of writing endless essays throughout the school year. I strongly believe in allowing students the freedom to use media whenever they can, if it will benefit their learning and am always willing to listen to what new ideas my students may come up with.