7th Grade Social Studies-Mr.Davis





I am pleased to welcome you to my website and to my 7th grade Social Studies class.  I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year for our students.  I invite and encourage the participation of all parents/guardians in your child’s total learning process. 


I hope that you will find this syllabus a useful tool to introduce you to my policies and expectations.  I have given you as much information as I can squeeze into these pages, but please send me a note if you have any questions or E-mail me at: or  If you would like to learn more about this class, please visit my web site at the following address:


Course Content:

This course is designed to teach to the 7th grade Social Studies Standards.  Please refer to the standards, which you received at registration, to fully understand the specific standards that this course entails. 


The Assignments  However, we will also use art, music, videos, simulations, and your creativity to make the past come to life.  The following are some of the types of assignments you will be completing this year:



Homework will be designed to reinforce the readings from your textbook and other class materials.  For you to do well in this class, it is important to complete all of the assigned homework in a timely fashion.  Homework will be assigned as needed, such as; for completion of class work and/or projects.  Students will normally be given class time to begin work on an assignment with the expectation that they will finish it at home and return it to me on the due date.  Students who waste time in class or who do not remain on task will receive a grade of zero on that assignment.



Geography is an important field in the social studies and often influences the historical development of areas.  It is especially important as Humans to know the geography of other countries.  Therefore, students will be expected to draw, label, and color each location we discuss.  Geography will be incorporated into daily lessons throughout the year.



During each unit we cover, you will be asked to work on one or more projects which will help you get personally involved in the time period you are studying.  These projects will be both individual and cooperative in nature and will require searching for clues to unlock the mysteries of the past.  These projects will help you develop your researching skills and will provide you with a wider variety of sources than your textbook can offer.





Tests and Quizzes will be based on the 7th grade Social Studies Standards.  At times you will be expected to write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of the standards addressed in each unit.  Please refer to your copy of the standards so that you know what you will be tested on.  You will always know in advance the standard that will be assessed.


Extra Credit

Students will earn one extra credit point per day they are present in class and enter quietly and begin reading a book of their choice.  In order to receive the point, the reading material must be a book; either from home or the library (magazines and textbooks are not considered to be extra credit reading material.)  Extra credit assignments will not be given to any student who has excessive late/missing work.  Please do not ask.


Late Work

Students are given ample time in which to complete their work and are expected to turn it in on time.  Work is due at the beginning of the class period on the date an assignment is due.  I absolutely DO NOT accept late work, especially late projects.  Completing homework is a choice, students choose to complete the assignment, and therefore, they choose to pass.  Please do not ask for exceptions.  If a student has an excused absence, her/his work is not considered late because she/he was not present to receive the assignment.  Students are responsible to ask about missed assignments upon their return to school. 


Illegible Work

Our classroom is our place of business, so when a student’s work is messy, difficult to read, or lacks the proper heading, it is a reflection of one’s self. Work that is submitted in this form will not be accepted.  In order for an assignment to be grade, the following guidelines must be met:

1.      The assignment must be on time.

2.      The proper heading must be used and place on the top right hand corner or the paper:


Name (First name, Last name)




*One point will be deducted on all incorrect headings.


3.      The assignment must be handed directly to me (this way I know the student

has completed the assignment.)



In order for your child to have a successful year in school, he/she will need to have the following items with them daily in order to participate fully in my classroom:

1.      Book for POWER Reading

2.      Two pens (blue or black ink only) -Any work submitted in any other color will receive an automatic zero.

3.      Two mechanical pencils (I do sell pencils everyday - $0.25 each)

4.      White lined notebook filler paper

5.      A spiral notebook designated to Social Science only for the sole purpose of note-taking.*

6.      Colored pencils (for the many maps we will be creating)

7.      A hand held pencil sharpener

8.      An open mind and good attitude


*Work submitted on torn spiral notebook paper, colored paper, or partial sheets of paper will not be accepted and will receive an automatic zero.




Students will not be given class time to ask friends for paper, pens, pencils, etc. as they are expected to maintain their own supply or borrow prior to the start of class.  Students who continually disrupt class to beg for supplies will receive disciplinary action.



Grades will be based on a point system.  All assignments will be give a point value and your total will accumulate throughout the trimester.  Grades will be given using the standard percentage scale issued according to district policy.



Your involvement in this class will make it more exciting and educational.  I encourage you to raise your hand and speak up in class, work cooperatively in your team projects, and help your fellow students with their learning.  Together, we can all succeed.  Your active participation in this class will positively affect your grade.