Mr.Davis Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures Mr.Davis



Welcome to my Social Studies class!  I look forward to working with you this year.  In order to create a successful classroom environment, I have created a number of rules and procedures.  I fully expect that those rules and procedures will be strictly adhered to; however, those students who choose to violate these rules and procedures will be subject to the discipline policy.


Classroom Rules:

One of the 1st steps to a workable and safe learning environment is the maintenance of appropriate behavior.  The class rules will be discussed in detail with all students on the first day of school and will be practiced throughout the year.  In addition to all school and team rules, students must:

  1. Respect each other and each other’s property.
  2. Be prepared, on time, with all materials ready.
  3. No disruptive behavior, behave in a manner that does not interfere with anyone’s ability to learn.
  4. Remain on task at all times.
  5. Raise your hand.


Discipline Policy:

The discipline policy will be discussed in detail with all students on the first day of school and will be enforced throughout the year.  Students will be rewarded with verbal praise and positive citizenship marks for complying with the policy.  Students who choose not to follow the classroom rules will receive the following consequences:

  1. Warning (given the first day of school)
  2. Teacher/Student conference
  3. Time out in another classroom, parent contact by phone or with a note sent home with the student, if parent cannot be contacted.
  4. Teacher/Student/Parent conference
  5. Class suspension
  6. Referral to appropriate counselor/principal

***A student with behaviors that are more than a classroom disruption and/or I feel may cause physical/mental harm to others will be skipping #1 through #5 and a campus supervisor will be called to remove the student from my room.***


Entering the classroom

Please enter the classroom with a book to read without talking, keeping hands, feet, and other objects to oneself 1st period .  If others are already in the room reading, please do not disturb them.  Please do not run and/or shout inside the classroom!  Sit at your desk and immediately begin reading 1st period but 2nd and 3rd period with begin working on Falcon Focus. 


Talking and leaving one’s seat

You may talk quietly to other students only if I have said okay first.  Otherwise, work silently at your desk.  If you need to leave your seat for any reason, raise your hand and wait for my okay.


Finishing early

If you finish early, please check your work to see if it is neat, complete, and correct.  If this is the case, please complete my other work from the day that you may not have had time to finish.  If all work is done, please take out a book and read silently at you desk.  Other options will be available at my discretion.  If you are directed to other alternatives, please remember to work/play quietly and do not draw attention to yourself, otherwise this privilege might be taken away.


Toys/Cell Phones

Toys/Cell Phones are not to be brought to school as they distract a child from learning, can be stolen, broken, lost, or traded unwisely.  Toys include electronic games, baseball cards, walkmans, sporting equipment, etc. if found, toys/cell phones will be confiscated and student’s parent/guardian must collect items from the office, not from my classroom.



You may not chew gum in my classroom.  There is a “Gum Bucket” in my classroom.  You will be expected to get rid of your gum as you enter my classroom (without penalty), however, if you choose to keep your gum, you will be given a referral for defiance, not gum chewing.



Students are expected to try and take care of such needs before class, during break or pass periods, and after school.  I will give a bathroom pass only in extreme cases (maximum of 2 per class.)  Students have exactly 3 minutes to take care of business.  I will refuse to let any student use the restroom during the first or last 10 minutes of class and during 4th period.  No one will be allowed to leave class to use the water fountain, nor will they be allowed to use the water fountain in class.  Only water bottles may be brought in, (NO SODAS) although, if the bottles are left on the floor after students have left, water bottles will not be permitted.  Also, students who play with a water bottle like a toy will have the bottle and the privilege taken away. 


Personal grooming

Personal grooming, such as brushing your hair and putting on make-up, is not allowed in the classroom at any time.  If this rule is broken, items will be confiscated and student’s parent/guardian will collect items at the end of the year from my classroom. Hats are not allowed to be worn in my classroom.  Any student wearing a hat in class will have it taken away from them and be asked to return any day after school, straighten up the room, and collect it from my classroom.


Plagiarism:     Plagiarism is defined as copying work from someone else and presenting it as your ownIt will not be tolerated.  If I believe that a student has not done his or her own work, I will assess zero credit to it.  If a student allows his or her work to be copied by someone, that student will also receive zero credit.  Copying information from the Internet without giving proper credit is plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly.


Office Announcements

When an office announcement is heard, please freeze and listen silently.


Emergency Procedures

I have special rules and consequences that go into effect if a fire drill, earthquake drill, or other emergency procedure occurs.  The rules are:  1. You will be quiet and in a single-file line, and 2.  You will not communicate with people who are not in my class that period in any way (this includes talking, waving, signaling, etc.)  Should you choose to violate my emergency procedure rules, you will earn a consequence.  This may include, but is not limited to, after school detention and repeated practice of the emergency procedures.



Please treat all visitors to our classroom with courtesy and respect this includes substitute teachers.


My Desk

Students are not allowed behind my desk, for any reason, unless personally invited.



Students will wait in their seats and make sure their desktops are clear, the floor around them is clean, all rows are lined up and even, and then they shall sit quietly, showing that they are ready to be dismissed.  I will dismiss the class at the appropriate time.


Other procedures shall be added as the need arises.


Thank You!

I thank you in advance for putting forth your best effort this year.  If you need help or have questions at any time, please feel free to ask – I am here to help you succeed.  Let’s get ready to have a great start to a new school year!  Together, we can create an excellent classroom environment. 


B-Pod’s Computer Use Policy


            Throughout the year, students in our classes will utilize today’s technology to enhance their educational experience.  In order to create a positive experience for everyone involved, we have created special rules that will be followed while using the class computers or while working in the computer lab.  The rules are as follows:


  1. You will immediately follow any instructions given by Ms. Varela, Mrs. Dolmage, Mr. Pawley, or Mr. Blair.
  2. You will never bring food, liquid, or gum near any computer or into the computer lab. Backpacks are not allowed in the B-Pod Computer Lab.
  3. You will only use the computer to do work directly related to the assignment given by Ms. Varela, Mrs. Dolmage, Mr. Pawley, or Mr. Blair.  Examples of work NOT related to the assignment include, but are not limited to: playing games, accessing inappropriate sites on the Internet (which includes game, music, sports sites, etc. – any site that is not directly related to the current assignment), accessing personal e-mail, etc.
  4. You will never negatively impact the software on the computer.  Examples of negatively impacting the software include, but are not limited to: changing the settings, deleting other students’ work, applications, or shortcuts, downloading applications from the internet, introducing viruses, etc.
  5. You will never negatively impact the hardware of the computer.  Examples of negatively impacting the hardware include, but are not limited to: removing the track ball, damaging or removing keys, disconnecting items, inserting unauthorized items into the drives, writing on the computer, etc.
  6. You will adhere to all of the rules and guidelines according to the District’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Students who chose not to follow our rules in any way will be subject to the following disciplinary action:


  • Normal class / team / school consequences
  • Removal from the computer lab
  • Your computer privileges will be revoked for the assignment and for up to the rest of the year.  You will complete the assignment (and future assignments) without the benefit of computer technology.


Your signature and the signature of your parent acknowledge that you have read and understood these rules.  If you do not return the Acknowledgement of Computer Lab Use with the appropriate signatures, you will not be able to use the computers in the computer lab.  You will be responsible for completing any assignment given without the benefit of the computers.  Please return the Acknowledgement by the given due date.  Thank you very much.