Ms. Griffith's Math Lounge

Welcome Parents and Students!

My name is Ms. Griffith and I am the 6th through 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher at UC T.E.A.M.S Charter School! I am excited to work with each student to achieve success in the world of Math.

6th Grade Math Classes will be introduced to various topics for example: Variables and Expressions, Solving Algebraic Equations, Multiplying and Diving Fractions, and Ratios.

7th Grade Math Classes will use topics from 6th Grade Math and cover some topics such as Adding and Subtracting Rational Number, Simpifying Expressions, and Operations with Fractions.

8th Grade Math Classes will be indulging in the Domain of Algebra. Various topics will include Evaluating Expressions, Describing Patterns, Solving Percent Problems, and Proportions to name a few!


I am excited to work with you this school year!!