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My Induction Experience

  1. I feel as though I have improved tremendously in regards to reaching my goal. The students in my classroom have gotten to a point in which collaboration has become 2nd nature to them. This was a huge surprise mainly because the class was very shy at the beginning of the year, but now they willingly and successfully collaborate with one another. I feel that I am now either in the Integrating stage or Innovating stage for all of the CSTPs, which I am very proud of. My particular areas of strength are Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning and Creating and Maintaining Effective Classroom Environments. I feel I was able to do this by being more intentional in how I interact with the students and realizing that every interaction affects their view as me as a teacher. Finally, I feel my continuous improvement will come as a result of always being critical of myself and seeking the perspective of leadership at my school. I can be critical of myself by always looking back at the end of a lesson and seeing how I could improve within the lesson to deepen students’ understanding of subject matter. I know there is always room to grow, and one way to grow is to lean on the experience of those before me and learn from their successes and failures.   



  1. Describe a professional goal you have for yourself beyond induction. Why have you identified this as a need or interest? What actions will you take? How will you assess goal attainment?


One personal goal of mine beyond induction is to become more knowledgeable of curriculum. I feel this is important for me because I want to understand how to create a curriculum that fits every student’s need. My plan is to begin a Master’s Program specializing in curriculum which will hopefully culminate in me getting my Master’s and developing/adjusting curriculum in order to make every student in my classroom more successful.


  1. What actions can you take to remain a connected educator throughout your career?


In order to remain a connected educator throughout my career, it’s best to rely on successful classroom teachers (such as my coach) who will always be real with me when it comes to areas I can improve in. I also plan to always be learning something new every day, whether it’s through some form of higher education (such as the Master’s Program that was previously mentioned), or perhaps some seminar that I can attend that focuses on some particular area I want to improve in (i.e. differentiated instruction, English language development, etc.)


  1. What can you do personally and professionally, to sustain the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning?


I feel as though I can sustain more energy by eating healthier and having a more optimistic mindset. I plan on being more optimistic by surrounding myself with people who are generally optimistic about life and the students, while also encouraging, acknowledging, and planning for the long road ahead.


  1. Include one quote from your reflective coach or administrator about your talents or strengths.


“He’s a hard-working young man that wants the best for his students and is passionate about bettering his community.”


  1. What advice do you have for new teachers entering the profession?


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”- Sir Edmund Burke


There will be those days in which you feel tired, frustrated, spent. Always remember who you work hard for. Remember why your kids need you in their lives. Remember why you need to hold them to a higher standard. It’s to make them positive members in their community and in the world.


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