Who Are We?

Devoted People from all Walks of Religion


I will ordain into Interfaith Ministries. 


All worshipful People that have felt rejected I will accept and ordain. 


A Special point again in other words:


The Spiritually minded from all Walks of Religion I will ordain into Interfaith Ministries.


All Devotees, all Followers of Divine Love that have felt rejected I will receive, honor and ordain. 


Yes, if you are a devout Jewish individual, a dedicated Islāmic soul, a pure Christian mind, a holistic Buddhist heart, a profound Hindu spirit and Others that are Worshipers of the Divine Mind, Love, Spirit; if you pursue and seek with all your Heart, I will ordain You! As an Interfaith Minister You keep all your pure and good traditions, you retain the personality of your Roots. You can enjoy both Worlds of thoughts; your personal choice of Root Religion, and the interfaith understandings that bond you respectfully with all Walks of Life.


This transformation of self is a vocation and is properly titled, Interfaith Minister!



Furthermore,for all Religionists, Rabbis, Priests, Imams, Monks, Nuns and all Religious Leaderships I respectfully urge one and all to become Interfaith Ministers. Join with me and bring great Light to the entire World. Also, all devoted People that are working full or part time jobs can make it as Interfaith Ministers.The Door is open; enter all that believe in Love.


First consideration and potential: To be ordained means to remain dedicated in the midst of challenges. To be ordained here you may need to perform 7 tasks, making restful, yet serious decisions for forty days and forty nights before ordination. After the Forty days of Decision making and actions you will be ordained. In the Word of Honor I trust you, and by this Trust for you, we are what we are, and you become a Minister by your Word of Honor. Yet in consideraton of your life and all the good deeds you have already completed and all that you do and will do; in regards to all that you are spiritually, then you are cosmic, and ready to be ordained today.


Other potentials and considerations, special stipulations and points of actualizing self:You can complete your studies and deeds and be ordained with full privileges in 1 day, or in 40 days, 4 months, a year or two or in ten years.Whatever your pace is or will be, you, you are welcome to study and grow into a practitioner, a Minister of InterFaith! Recall to practise 7 or more good deeds as many times as possible! Live and Love everyday!


As i stated,all of this could be completed in as little as 1 day because you are already there at the dimensions of InterFaith; you have lived and continue to live a charitable life therefore you are in the Word of Honor! Welcome! Well Done!