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Owning a car is like a dream come true, but often unexplained things and tragedies happen. The tragedies make the dream short-lived. One of the tragedies is that of car accidents which might happen over issues like technical failure, rash driving, negligence, drunken drive and collision. When we buy a car, the first thing that we do is get it insured. However, the insurance agencies have their team of lawyers who evaluate the claimed injury and determine whether its payable or not. Often there are cases where the claim, according to the company, is found not worth paying for, and this adversely impacts the clients.

This is why hiring a Florida Car Accident Lawyer as every year, the city witnesses several car crashes and accidents. When asking the insurance firm to pay up for the damage chances are that they would deny the claim. You being at their mercy have to pay thousands of bucks than to get the claim passed. However, not many of us out there can afford to shell out the bucks, and that’s when the Florida Car Accident Attorney steps in. The attorney helps you in recovering the losses that you suffered due to the car accident.

The attorney also helps in finding truck accident lawyer St Petersburg. If you have been stuck with a car accident case and need lawyers, then this post is meant for you. Here is a list of the top car accident lawyers in Florida.

Best five-car accident lawyers in Florida

 Car accident every year claim thousands of lives. The car accident also causes a lot of financial stress. Here is a list of some of the best St Petersburg car accident lawyer.

1.  Dolman Law

If your looking for lawyers for auto accident attorney St Petersburg, then Dolman law is your answer. The law group specializes in dealing with automobile cases. Over the years, the company has acclaimed much recognition for its ability to recover compensation for sudden and unexpected medical bill caused to automobile injuries.

2.  Steinger, Greene &Feiner Injury Lawyers

If you’re involved in a car accident and looking for Florida car accident lawyer then Steinger, Greene &Feiner injury law firm is your answer. The company, over the years, have successfully settled several insurance claims. Whether it be a case of speed driving or drunken driving, the injury firm is known to handle it all.

3.  Pendas Attorneys

Are you involved in a car accident case? Looking for Florida Car Accident Attorney? Then Pendas Attorneys is your answer. The company provides a guaranteed settlement. The company is skilled in making deals with law enforcement, health service providers and insurance company adjusters.

4.  Rubenstein law

Rubenstein Law is one of the best law firms in Florida that excels in dealing with car accident cases. The company helps in claims for speeding, tailgating, texting & driving. Drunken driving, reckless driving and distracted driving. Rubenstein Law is a firm that excels in gaining compensation for catastrophic cases.

 So these are some of the best Florida car accident lawyers. For more information on car accident cases, visit