Excel Posters

  1. Open up Microsoft Excel.
  2. File – Page Set Up- Change to Landscape- Set Scaling to 200 % - Click Margins Table – Set left, right, top, and bottom margins to “0.5” and set the header and footer to “0.0” . Click “OK”
  3. Click “View” on top tool bar- Zoom- Click circle next to Custom and type 40 percent – click “Ok”.
  4. Left and Click and drag from A1 to A42 , over and down to N42 (You will have four pages hi-lighted).
  5. File – Print Area- Set Print Area
  6. Insert- Picture – Word Art – Choose a style of print – Click Ok. (adjust font size of your choice)
  7. Type text in box, click Ok.
  8. Click and drag text to where you want them.
  9. Insert – Picture – Clip Art- Type in a search- Click and drag art to where you want  it.


Tutorial on Creating Posters in Excel : Click Here