Now that you have been assigned a President you may begin using the following websites and answering the questions below.


                                                United States Presidents


                    Presidential Facts and Personal Letters


                             The White House Presidential Page



7  Steps:


  1. What was his date of birth, date of death, and cause of death?





  1. Was he married? Did he have children? What was his relationship with them like?










  1. What political Party did he belong to?




  1. How did he become involved in politics? (Hint: Look at past jobs, education, family history in politics)









  1. What were two significant events during his Presidency? One should be a policy he proposed that succeeded or failed. (Hint: Look at bills passed and defeated, did he win re-election and why or why not. Historical events such as wars, economic issues, etc.)









  1. Identify one of his accomplishments as President.




  1. Using the research material evaluate his Presidency. Back up your evaluation with facts.

(Hint: What were the long term results of his decisions or policies?