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You can convert your fiat currency into cryptocurrency on Uphold login. To do this, go to the Convert page and select the currency you want to convert from and to. Then, enter the amount you want to convert and click Preview Conversion. Finally, review the details of your conversion and click Confirm. If you are happy with all the information provided, confirm your conversion by clicking Submit. Now that you have converted some funds from fiat to crypto, you can use them for a variety of purposes. For example, if it is BTC that you’ve converted, you could use it to buy ether on an exchange or invest in a coin offering on our platform by buying tokens with BTC. As another example, if you've chosen to convert USD, then you'll be able to spend USD anywhere Visa cards are accepted! They offer up-to-date market rates so you know how much money will be coming out of your account as well as where it will be going when transferring currencies on Uphold login.