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Upper Klahanie K202

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Thursday 9/1

What is U.S. History?

Friday 9/2

What Do You Know? (Pre Assessment)

U.S. Map Pre Assessment

Monday 9/5


Tuesday 9/6

Set up INB's

Vocab I

Wednesday 9/7

Note Taking 101

How Did the U.S. Begin?

Thursday 9/8

13 Colonies Map

Vocab Illustrations

Friday 9/9

Vocab Quiz


Supplies: -composition book-colored pencils-pen


Expectations: There are two rules in my classroom.  1) Be Nice. 2) Work Hard.  Students are expected to be in class on time, and have their materials ready to go.  For the first few weeks we will be keeping our composition books in class.  Some homework assignments will require students to bring their notebooks home.  Students will usually have one homework assignment per week.  They will typically be assigned on Monday or Tuesday due on Friday.My goal for this class is to engage students in learning about the rich and exciting history of the United States.  I hope to bring out this richness and excitement of our nation’s history, while challenging your student to become a better, reader, writer, and critical thinker. 


Text/Reading Materials:The book we will use most in class is Joy Hakim’s History of US (These will stay in the classroom).  Selected readings from a variety of other history texts and online sources, will also be used in class.  For current events, we will also be reading newspapers and magazines.  Access to a daily newspaper, or weekly magazine is encouraged, but not required. We will also be reading two historical novels, which will directly connect to topics we are studying  in U. S. History.



The U.S. History Project:This year, 8th graders will be required to complete a U.S. History Project.  This project will include an 8-10 page paper, and verbal presentation to a panel of staff and parents, and research from various sources.  Students will begin choosing topics for their projects in December.  Watch for more information to come home in the coming months.


Grading:Students will receive grades based on the BAME scale, according to the Federal Way Public Schools Standards.  


HomeworkHomework will be collected and graded as practice, but is mandatory.  If a homework assignment or class work assignment is not completed, students will be assigned lunch detention to finish their work.  Homework will only be assigned when there is a meaningful goal in mind.