All about Indoor gardening equipments

All about Indoor gardening equipments

Hydroponics is derived from the Greek hydro (water) and ponos (labour), which means work in water. Therefore, Hydroponics Canada is a production system in which the roots of the plants are not recognized in the soil, but in a substrate or in the same nutrient solution used. In the nutritive solution, as the name says, the elements necessary for plant growth are dissolved.

Over time, the definition of Cheap Hydroponics has been extended to include other methods, but retaining the following fundamental principle: The root of the plant is fed exclusively from the mixture of water and fertilizer that is provided. So, a hydroponic crop is one in which: The root of the plant grows directly in a mixture of water and fertilizer. Or, the root of the plant grows in a material with no nutritional value, but is irrigated with a mixture of water and fertilizer.

What is Ballast?

It is device that serves to maintain a stable current flow in fluorescent tubes, PL lamps and other gas discharge lamps. Ballast creates a voltage peak in order to make the lamp work. It also makes sure to limit the current that passes through it. Brightness is one of the essential elements for plant health and growth. However, in northern regions, there is a serious lack of light for our house plants. You have to understand that even if our house seems very bright, there is a huge difference in brightness with the outside. You can buy Ballasts Online in Canada.



The rainforest plants that grow in the shade of tall trees enjoy infinitely greater light than our house lighting. Have no fear; no plant will suffer from too much light in our homes in winter. Grow Lights Canada is often essential if we want our indoor plants to flourish instead of vegetating in semi-dormancy from September to March!

What garden tent to choose?

Garden tents are the ideal complements to enjoy a peaceful afternoon outdoors, however, when buying this accessory we are often invaded by doubts: where can I buy cheap garden tents? Which models are the best? What aspects do I have to consider? When thinking about which garden tent to choose, here are two essential aspects:

The available space - A garden tent that is too small will cause us to miss the garden area that is outside of its shelter. On the other hand a very large one cannot be installed within the area; hence it is essential to measure correctly the space we have. When buying a Grow Tents Canada garden tent you must consider that there are several types:

Metal garden tents - Are those that have metal structures covered by a sliding awning or roof and that can also incorporate curtains, mosquito nets or blinds.

Wooden garden tents - Similarly, they are garden tents that are produced with this material to achieve a more classic and rustic style.

Fixed garden tents - There are some metal garden tents that are fixed, that is, they are installed and remain in the same place indefinitely. Normally, the awning is the only thing that can be removed while the metal structure remains.

Folding garden tents - Thanks to their special features they can be collected and stored at the end of the season or event.