Indoor gardening: Hydroponic: Lights: Cannabis

Indoor gardening: Hydroponic: Lights: Cannabis

Hydroponics: It is called hydroponic cultivation or soilless cultivation. It does not require the use of land, but water and other materials are necessary. This system is good to have a much higher control over your crops. They are frequently used for commercial use of tomatoes, lettuce, and a variety of vegetables and fruits. Containers containing different nutrients are used such as: sand, coconut fiber, and other components that contain the nutrients that each plant needs.

 Complete nutrients: By nourishing the plant with what it needs, it is found complete in its nutrients. On the other hand, in a hydroponic culture, as it is nourished with all the calcium it requires, at the moment of consuming. It will provide us with more nutrients than a plant. This also happens a lot with lettuce. Doing ash analysis where the amount of minerals provided by a vegetable is compared, hydroponic vegetables, which are grown on land, always come out with more minerals. Grow Lights Canadac

What are the advantages?             

  • Provides the roots with a constant level of humidity, regardless of the weather.
  • Avoid risks from excessive irrigation.
  • Avoid wasteful use of water and fertilizers.
  • Reduces the possibility of diseases caused by soil pathogens.
  • Improves surrender and increases performance.

And you, do you dare to make your own hydroponic cultivation at home?

Why we need LED garden lamps

The main one of all of them is their zero expenditure of electrical energy since they work with solar energy. The garden LEDs have a photoelectric technology that does not require it since, being exposed to the sun all day long. They keep in their internal batteries all the energy they absorb from it so that at night they light themselves. That's right, you don't have to do anything but place them and that's it. Ballasts Online In Canada



  • They are very easy to install, they have a spike-shaped support so that they are simply buried
  • They are very safe for activities in the garden since they are not connected to the electric current
  • They give up to eight hours of light per daily solar recharge
  • They light up alone when it's dark and they do it all at once
  • There are a variety of designs so you will not have to sacrifice the image of your garden
  • Its maintenance is limited to cleaning the surface dust so that it does not intervene with the absorption of solar energy.

How to Plant Cannabis Indoors

If you are a frequent consumer of marijuana, you will have already considered the possibility of growing marijuana. First of all you have full control of your growing conditions, since it will depend entirely on you if you receive the right amount of light, water and air. You cannot depend on the weather, if it will rain or if it is cloudy since you will be inside an apartment or house. Although it is a bit more advanced, you can experiment with different types of seeds in an interior. This is because you have the opportunity to perform trial-error operations until you find the result you are looking for from the comfort of your home. The marijuana plants are some of the sun they need approximately 18 hours of daily sun and stay hydrated.