Ms. Urbanski's Class Page

Homework: March 14, 2011

Dear Parents,

Attached is the lesson 27 vocabulary.

This is the list of spellling words they must practice and memorize by Friday.



















1. Lucky listener

2. Practice wb pages 229, 230, 231

3. Vocab chart due Friday



1. Spelling words 5x each (on loose leaf paper)

2. Find a news article either in newspaper or internet. Must bring in the article. Write a 4-8 sentence summary of the news piece that you read. This counts for a writing and a social studies grade. 



1. Lines, Segments, Rays, and Angles supplementary worksheet.


ISAT Coach books due back tomorrow or else payment will be due.




Homework March 1, 2011

  • Reading: Study the reading response graphic organizer which can be found in two places 1. their reading independent journals or 2. the isat packet i sent home over break.
  • Lucky listener
  • workbook pages 221-222
  • Math: use ISAT coach book and practice
  • Writing: Write down at least 3 fears/concerns you have regarding ISAT. Complete sentences
  • Reminders: Book Fair open to parents tomorrow. Book fair shop time for room 223 is 12:20-12:30 on Thursday. Please send money in an envelope. Please allow students to donate $1.00 to the book fair. For every dollar they donate our classroom will receive $2 to buy books. Thats doubling our money!


  • Dear Parents,
  • We will be taking ISAT the week after we get back from Intercession. It is vitally importanat to practice out of the ISAT Coach books as well as out of the packet I made for each of your children. The packet had very specific pages/items I wanted you to address and go over at home. Please take it seriously and spend quality time on it each day of your break. 
  • Do not forget about tutoring and Saturday school. We will not have tutoring on Thursday the 17th. Our last day is Thursday the 24th. This Saturday I will be out of town but I will have a sub for Saturday school. Please remember to bring all supplies because we do not have extras. 
  • Students will not get homework during the week of ISAT. We want fresh hardworking brains every morning. Make sure to get a fantastic night sleep and have a hearty and healthy breakfast. I also heard chocolate stimulates the brain. Encouragement also goes a long way.
  • Have a good rest of the break. I will be out of town fron Feb 17-21st. I will not be able to respond to emails/calls until the 22nd when I return to tutoring. 
  • Thank you.
  • Ms. Urbanski



Homework January 27, 2011

Reading: Storytown test tomorrow, lesson 23

Vocab for lesson 23 due tomorrow

Lucky listener

Six Flags reading log due tomorrow

Writing: Final literary essay of Helen Keller due tomorrow. (Found in writing journals)

Math: Homelinks 6-6 and study multiplying by 8's- test tomorrow

Reminders: Book orders due Friday  


Homework January 25, 2011

Reading: reread storytown lesson 23, vocab due Friday, practice wb pages 195-196, guided reading books, book reports due 1-27-11

Writing: edit literary essays with parents

Math: Homelinks 6-4, study multiplying by 8's 

Reminders: book orders due friday 


Homework January 21, 2011

Any missing homework/projects will result in not being able to participate in Friday math games or our math, marbles, and pizza discussion.


Reading: work on book project due on January 27, 2011, work in isat coach books

Math: work in isat coach books, multiplying by 8's test on Friday

Writing: Final literary essay due on Tuesday. 



Homework January 20, 2011

Reading: lucky listener, reread lesson 21 in storytown, study for test tomorrow

Writing: Vocab sheet for reading lesson 21

Science: Study vocab words in science journal for quiz tomorrow

Math: Home links 6-2 and study multiplying by 7's 


Homework January 19, 2011

Reading: Lucky listener, reread lesson 21 in storytown, workbook pages 179, 181, 182. 184

Writing: entire essay must be complete by tomorrow- there are 5 paragraphs and the format is in their writing journals

Math: Homelinks 6-1 and study multiplication of 7's- test Friday

Science: study science vocab words are in science journal

Reminders: I need a final count for Feb tutoring. Please bring in any permission slips.



Homework January 18, 2011

 Reading: practice wb pages 177 and 178, lucky listener, reread Antartica Ice lesson 21

Writing: finish paragraph 4 found in their writing journal

Math: study multiplying by 7's- test friday

Science: science vocab quiz friday- words found in their science journal

Reminders: please bring in any permission slips for feb tutoring by tomorrow 


Homework January 13, 2011

Reading: practice wb pages 175-176, Lucky Listener, Vocab sheet due tomorrow, Lesson 20 test tomorrow

Math: study multiplicatoin facts of 6, Unit 5 test Tuesday 


Homework January 12, 2011

  • ***Here is an opportunity for our students to help hungry families of Chicago.  The Chicago Teachers Union/Chicago Public Schools will collect canned goods from Monday, January10 through Friday, January, 21.  Please encourage students to bring foods that don't spoil in school.  Of course they may not bring any glass or homemade items.  Canned nonperishable items are suggested.
  • The Greater Chicago Food Depositary will distribute your donations to hungry neighbors.
  • Reading: reread lesson 20 "Backstage with Chris and Casey", Lucky Listener, practice wb pages 170,171,172
  • Writing: finish writing introduction paragraph in writing journals (most students were done), adjective reinforcement packet
  • Math: Math problem solving notebook "Grocery store" problem
  • study multiplying facts of 6
  • ***Unit 5 math test on Tuesday 1-18-11



Homework January 10, 2011


Math multiplication of 6's 


Reading: reread "Backstage with Chris and Casey" storytown book

Lucky Listener poem

Practice pages 165 and 166


Writing: In writing journals reread Helen Keller story and notes on Literary Essays


Math: Study math facts of 6 and homelinkes 5-10


Science: Math extension sheet due Wednesday 


Homework for week of January 3-7, 2011

Math multiplication test of 5's on Friday

Reading test lesson 19 of storytown on Friday 

 Book orders due 1-7-11

Emergency forms due 1-5-11 and also Saturday school forms due 1-5-11 (no exceptions


Reading Homework



Lucky listener fluency read

Vocabulary chart due Friday

Reread “Half Chicken”

PWB: 157, 159



 Lucky listener fluency read

Vocabulary chart due Friday

Reread “Half Chicken”

PWB: 158, 162



 Lucky listener fluency read

Vocabulary chart due Friday

Reread “Half Chicken”

PWB: 160, 161



 Lucky listener fluency read

Vocabulary chart due Friday

Reread “Half Chicken”

Study for test tomorrow

Critical Thinking questions in Storytown page135




Vocabulary chart due today. 

Writing Homework



cursive practice c's and d's


Finish the plot of your folktale. Include: setting, characters, problem. events 1,2,and 3, solution, theme, and lesson learned.


Finish the folktale story 2 pages front and back double spaced. Corrections will be made in class tomorrow.


Final folktale story due tomorrow. 

Please help with any left over editing.



Final folktale story due today.

Math Homework



Study for multiplication of 5's test Friday


Study for multiplication of 5's test Friday


home links 5-7 


Study for multiplication of 5's test Friday


Homelinks 5-8


Study for multiplication of 5's test tomorrow.


 Multiplication test on 5's today.

 Science/Social Studies



Monumnet Project due tomorrow.








Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!

Homework for Friday, December 17, 2010


Reading: You can start reading lesson 19 in Storytown and reviewing the vocabulary. Movie Poster Book report is due on the 3rd of Januart.

Please read your two poems (10) times over break.


Writing/Social Studies: Monument project due on January 4th, 2010


Math: Subtraction sheet, math vocabulary cards, the directions are in the bag


Science: Investigation 1: Dropping In


Go on all the websites at home in your spare time and especially the ISAT website!


Have a wonderful holiday vacation.


-Ms. Urbanski 


HomeworkThursday, December 16, 2010

Reading: Students will have a test tomorrow on "Me and Uncle Romie" which is lesson 18. Please also review the vocab. The vocab sheet I sent home on Monday is due tomorrow morning. Please review the story, the vocab, and also suffixes, articles, and adverbs which are found in their writing journals.


Writing: Fiction stories were due today. I am missing 8 stories. Please make sure you remind your student to bring it in if they didnt so they can get the credit for it. Finished writing pieces always count as a test grade.


Math: study math facts- multiplying by 4's for tomorrow's quiz.


Reminders:  wear a read, white, or green top for the assembly on Thursday night. If the shirt has something christmas themed on it, you can wear it, otherwise please have a plan shirt with nice pants. No Jeans.


Reindeer antlers due on Thursday - dollar tree has sets of 2 for $1.00 


Holiday party on Friday, please feel free to bring something to share that is store bought. (Example: cupcakes, candy, etc)


Monument project and movie poster book report is due on the 3rd and 4th of January. Please plan accordingly. I also sent the copy via email to all the parents and a paper copy home with all the students.


See you tonight at the assembly   :)


Homework Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading: Bring home Storytown book. Students must answer the think critically questions on a loose leaf paper numbers 1-5 found on page 107 in the storytown book. These questions are regarding the story "Me and Uncle Romie". Students must read their poem to someone which requires a parent signature- Lucky Listener. Practice wb page 151. Reminders: Test on Friday on the vocab and "Me and Uncle Romie"   Also the vocab sheet is due on Friday.


Writing: FInish the fictional story that is due tomorrow. We have worked on it in class for about 2 weeks.


Math: Study math facts of 4's. Quiz on the 4's of multiplying on Friday.


Reminders:  wear a read, white, or green top for the assembly on Thursday night. If the shirt has something christmas themed on it, you can wear it, otherwise please have a plan shirt with nice pants. No Jeans.


Reindeer antlers due on Thursday - dollar tree has sets of 2 for $1.00 


If we have a holiday party on Friday, please feel free to bring something to share that is store bought. (Example: cupcakes, candy, etc)


Homework Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reading: practice wb pages 150, 153/154 ( some students did the wrong side last night) and page 155

Lucky Listener

Storytown- read and study vocab for "Me and Uncle Romie"- vocab sheets due on Friday


Writing: the fictional writing pieces will be due on Thursday. We are finishing up them in class, what is not done will be for homework tomorrow night.

We went over articles for grammar today. Please review it with them out of their writing journals.


Math- Home links 5-6


Science: log onto one of the science websites under "helpful websites" and explore.


Reminders: wear a read, white, or green top for the assembly on Thursday night. If the shirt has something christmas themed on it, you can wear it, otherwise please have a plan shirt with nice pants. No Jeans.


Reindeer antlers due on Thursday - dollar tree has sets of 2 for $1.00 



Homework Monday, December 13, 2010


Reading: Practice wb pages 149 and 154. They should reread the "Me and Uncle Romie" story in storytown page 89 to prepare for Friday's test. Lucky listener. Test on Friday for the vocab words, comprehension of "Me and Uncle Romie", and theme.


Writing: I am finishing editing the students fictional stories. Final fiction stories will be due on Thursday.


Math: Home links 5-5. Math quiz on multiplying by 4's on Friday. Study!


Science: visit



Buy Reindeer antlers, bring to school tomorrow for practice.

Toy drive toys due tomorrow- last chance for extra credit towards social studies.

Holiday assembly is on Thursday the 16th and 6:00 pm. Students must arrive at 5:45

Practice the song and gestures every night!

Permission slips for the assembly and progress reports must be signed and returned.  


Lesson 18 Reading 

“Me and Uncle Romie”

“Me and Uncle Romie” starts on page 88 and ends on page 106.

Test on Friday, December 17, 2010

dull- when something is not shiny, it is dull.

towers- something that is very tall towers over things.

masterpiece- a great piece of art can be called a masterpiece

heritage- memories and traditions of your family’s past are part of your heritage.

ruined- if something is ruined, it is no longer any good.

crept- if you crept, you moved slowly and carefully so that you wouldn’t be seen or heard.

glorious- if something is so wonderful that you can hardly believe it, it is glorious.

memory- a memory is something you remember.

streak- to streak is to move very quickly from one place to another. 

yanked- if you yanked something, you gave it a quick, hard pull. 


Homework for Friday, December 10, 2010

(Sorry to parents for missing yesterday. I was ill.)

Reading: recalling details sheet both sides

Writing: cursive practice

Math: 5 digit place value problems/ read the triangles on the other side, practice multiplying by 4's

Reminders: start on the 2 projects, the movie poster and the monument project

Thursday, December 16th is the Holiday Assembly. The students need to sign a permission slip to be in it at 6:00 pm. Please send the signed permission slip back on Monday.

Toy Drive- will receive a couple extra credit points in social studies (due the 14th)

Holiday Party- we will be having a holiday party (if behavior allows) on Friday the 17th. It will be the last hour of school. If they want to bring a store bought treat for their class-that is great! 

Please please please practice at home with multiplying. It is crucial to know this by 4th grade. Also adding and subracting is an issue. Please practice as much as you can at home. Our curriculum does not let us spend days practicing this skill. This is a skill that needs to be practiced repeatedly at home.

Thanks- have a great weekend! 


Homework for Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reading: Practice Wb pages 144 and 146

Lucky Listener

Vocabulary sentences and pictures for console, heroic, drowsy, and burden (word of the day bag)

The students received the Movie Poster Book Project description today. I also send it to parents via email. Start picking out a book for your child. The students have until January 3, 2011. 

Friday there will be a test on compare and contrast, lesson 17 story and the vocabulary words found in the story of lesson 17.

 Writing: Design the cover of your fictional story. The students have the writing packet for this. The students are responsible for nor loosing this packet.

Math: Study math test tomorrow on place value, bar graphs, and the 3's for multiplcation.  

Science/Social Studies:  The students received the monument project via email. I am also getting copies of the description to send home. Please start brainstorming ideas for the monument project. This project is due on January 4, 2010

There will be a science test on Friday. This is all about rocks and minerals unit. I am having a review for the students and I will send that review via email to parents. 


Homework for Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reading: Create the sentence and picture for the three vocab words which are commendable, glancing, scolding. The sentence and picture go on the index card they created in class. Please keep them in the take home folders.

Lucky listener- read the poem "Books" to someone-must sign

Practice wb page 142 and 143

Writing: Finish events 1, 2, and 3. Each event should be 2 pages (double spaced-skip lines). I am starting to edit all the student's work. Please if you have time make corrections to their work. It is very difficult to meet with 35 students to edit 6 pages of writing in one day. This will be found in the writing journals.

Math: home links 5-4

Reminders: If your student brings a toy for the toy drive, I will give some extra credit for social studies, because it is helping our community. The toys will be due on the 14th. Unwrapped please.

The holiday assembly is on the 16th for parents in the evening at 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. Please buy your student the reindeer antlers from the dollar store. Start practicing the words! If you do not want your student to attend please let me know asap.

We are "earning" a holiday party for our room. If we fill our marble jar with compliments we will have a party on the 16th for about an hour. If your child wants to bring a snack for the class (prepackaged items only- store bought) they can.  This party will be educational but also a social time for room 223.

Also, uniform enforcement is becoming very strict. Please make sure your child has the tie, a button down shirt, and khaki pants. The shirts must be tucked in. No hoodies or other sweaters may be worn unless they are plain navy blue or white.  


Homework for Monday, December 6, 2010

Reading: The students received 3 vocab words today. Please help them create a sentence using the word and help them draw a picture that represents the word. The words are awe, concentration, and dilemma (in word of the day bags)

Lucky Listener- the students must read to a family member/friends etc the poem in the lucky listener folder once a day, each week they will get a new poem, make sure to chart in the log.

Practice wb pages 141 and 145 *must use the Storytown book to answer questions.

Writing: finish expanding the 2nd event of their fiction story. Found in their writing journals. The 2nd event or the "middle" of the story should be 2 pages with skipped lines.

Math: finish the place value flip chart and home links 5-3 



Reminder Sunday, December 5, 2010

  • On Saturday I sent an email regarding a test on Friday. We are trying to introduce more challenging vocabulary that go along with the Storytown story of the week. This week the story is called "Two Bear Cubs", lesson 17 in the book. The vocabulary words are awe, concentration, glancing, scolding, console, heroic, drowsy, burden, dilemma, and commendable. The students will write the definitions (2-3 a day) in class and will have to create  a sentence and picture on the index card at home for homework. This requires alot of organization and responsibility of making sure the cards come back and forth to school. So by Friday, all of these words must be memorized and understood. The definitions are found in the glossary in the Storytown book. 
  • Thanks, Ms. Urbanski



Homework For Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading: practice wb page 140, compare and contrast worksheet (both sides), some students also received a practice worksheet that explains compare and contrast as well and on the other side it reviews synonyms. Some students also have a small book (in a bag) that I would like them to use to reinforce the compare and contrast reading skill. 

Writing:  have your student finish the "beginning" of their fiction story. In their writing journal the students have the plot written for their story. The 3 events listed are the items we are focusing on. So the students must take the 1st event and expand it for 2 pages in their journals (leave one line space in between). They will work on the next events in class.

Math: 5-digit place value practice sheet (both sides)

Science: math extension sheet due Monday

Reminders: No school tomorrow! 


Homework for Wednesday, December 1, 2010 

Reading- read Lon Po Po out of storytown, there is a comprehension quiz on this tomorrow. the story starts on page 21

Literature circle items are due tomorrow- ask your student what items they have to complete because each group is different

Practice workbook page 138 deals with prefix and suffix, notes on this is located in their writing journals, please check my helpful websites for interactive sites on this

Writing: finish plot for your fiction story (setting, characters, 3 events, solution, and problem)

Word of the day quiz tomorrow. All studnets have these words and have had them for the last 7 days. Please make sure you study them, they are found in the baggies

Math: Home links 5-2 and review the place value cards sent home yesterday

Science: Math extension sheet 

Reminder: no school on Friday for students! 


Homework for Tuesday November 30, 2010

Reading: Practice workbook page 134

Reread Lon Po Po starts on page 21- must use Storytown hardcover book There will be a short quiz on the comprehension of the Lon Po Po story on Thusday. 

Reminder: Literature circles meet on Thursday so the students should have their share of the work complete. Please check you student's Literature Circle Journal to check 

Writing: Finish adjective name poems make sure you color and have some pictures that represent the adjectives.  Students will have a word of the day quiz on Thursday. Please start studying.

Here are the word of the day words to review: The students have the words in the baggies with the definitions on the back. Please review with them.








Math: Practice the place value cards that were given today. They should be in a bag. Parents, please give your child a number to practice putting into the correct place value. 

Science: This is a math extension sheet for science. Due tomorrow. 

 See you tomorrow!


 Homework for Monday, November 29, 2010

Reading- Practice wb pages 133 and 137. Our new focus skill is compare and contrast. Students will also focus on certain genre of stories such as fairy tale and poetry. 

Writing-Students will brainstorm adjectives in order to make a name poem on Tuesday. Students will have information on adjectives in their writing journals. 






Y oung

Math- Home links 5-1, study multiplying by 2's. there will be a quiz on 2's tomorrow. 1x2=2, 2x2=4, etc all the way up to 12x2=24

Science- n/a

Reminders:  Please check website daily. Thanks!


Homework for Wednesday November 24, 2010

Reading- the students were introduced to different genres. They are studying them as much as they can. They are found in their reading journals.

Writing- cursive practice sheet

Math- division practice sheet, study multiplying by 2's quiz on Monday

Science- earth materials worksheet due Monday

Help: this is a link for a genre powerpoint to help practice with at home

Next week starting the 29th our new focus skill in reading will be compare and contrast. Here is a quick activity to do at home 


Homework for Friday November 19, 2010:

Reading: Read for 30 minutes, enter in log. Practice ISAT website for homework

Writing: Finish Body Paragraph 2 for 5-Paragraph essay

Math: Study Math Triangle, Practice ISAT website for homework

Science: Calcite Test Sheet due Monday (November 22, 2010)

 Reminders: School Uniforms need to be purchased from Zemskys , including the tie. Please make sure your student has a sharpener.

Thanks! See you Monday!


Monday 11-22-10 Homework

Reading- the students are working on a review bookworm. The first part is the head where the title of their book and their names should go. The first body part should be the summary of their book of their 1st chapter of their book. The second body part is a fact or an opinion found within their book or 1st chapter. The third body part is the main idea of their book or first chapter. It should also be cut and colored and have a picture for each body part.

Writing- the students are working on their 5 paragraph essay. The students are 1. rewriting if I or Ms. Robert has met with them to edit. 2. creating the cover for their essay or 3. finishing their 3rd body paragraph and conclusion paragraph. Your student should tell you which items they have to comeplete. Everything for this essay must be done by Wednesday.

Math- students are doing home links 4-10 and also a supplemental multiplication worksheet. The home links requires someone at home to help by playing a probability game of paper, rocks, scissors.

Science- I gave them a new science worksheet that is due Monday the 29th. This is using different earth materials and comparing it to their lives.

Please remember to check the website daily. There should not be any miscommunications with homework if this is checked daily.

Thanks- see you on Tuesday!


Homework for Tuesday 11-23-10

 Reading- Students received a sheet (front and back) in regards to the Japanese culture. Please have them complete both sides. One side is comparing and contrasting, the other is fact and opinion.

Writing- All students must turn in a final copy of their 5-paragraph essay along with cover. (The essay can be found in their writing journals) There are about 7 students that need help editing their papers at home. This requires someone to help find spelling and grammar mistakes. Once they are all found the students can rewrite their essay on a looseleaf sheet of paper. In order to complete the art project that goes with the essay, the studnets must have their finished essay in school on Wednesday. Students also have a cursive sheet to help the practice c's and d's.

Math- Students have a unit 4 test tomorrow. Please look over their math journals where you will find specific notes of what will be on their test. Please review multiplying and division. Unit 4 deals with fact families, arrays, multiplication, division, grouping, etc.

Science- the sheet about different earth materials is due on Monday.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!