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Make Your Industrial Machines More Efficient & Durable with SULLAIR 250022-669


Synthetic Lubricants have long been known for their superior temperature resistance and are ideal for industry-based and factory-based machinery and other equipment which operate in high temperatures. They are manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components rather than crude oil. It can also be synthesized from other raw materials. This oil is also known as a substitute for a lubricant that is refined from petroleum for the machines’ efficiency to be stable when operating in extreme temperatures. It also offers excellent performance in low-temperature conditions while also giving easier engine starts, unlike the conventional lubricant which thickens down in cold weather. It also resists shear under heavy loads better than conventional oils making the synthetic motor oil maintain its viscosity grade and bear more extreme engine conditions making the engine efficiency go higher.  It is also more economical as the oil consumption lowers down when using the synthetic lubricants. The lubrication efficiency is well maintained throughout the task and offers cleaner engines. These lubricants supersede conventional oils in terms of overall performance. 


Sullair 250022-669 - a synthetic blended based lubricant by Industrial Air Supplies exceeds OEM lubricant specs. IAS lubricants are formulated with the highest quality base stocks, advanced additive technology and are 100% compatible with the OEM lubricant they are replacing. Industrial Air Supplies has a wide range of best quality lubricants that not only provides efficiency to your machines but also make them durable and effective in the longer run.